Mind Games by Era Millings

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SUMMARY: Entry for the August Flash-fiction contest. Theme: Flirting. Who says geniuses can't flirt?

The establishment prided itself upon its futuristic decor, and the fine selection of alcohol stocked behind the bar. It was of much higher class than an average tavern, something probably attributed to the more elevated intelligence quotient of its proprietors and patrons - not to say that the company was unpleasant, but the stilted dialogue was likely to exasperate even the most patient of observers.

For those already ingrained within the fabric of the bar's society, however, it was an exhilarating experience. No more did they slog through the idle chatter of some drawling, potential interest - attraction could be easily judged by the vivacity of a conversation's stimulating effects. It was only, as they said, a matter of time...

"Might a window of opportunity beckon to me?" a stranger inquired to the auburn-haired woman perched upon a stool.

"Depends upon the opportunity you foresee," she replied, nevertheless swiveling to catch his eye. As far as appearances went, she could not have asked for a better partner, as his physicality was of the highest rank. The striking azure of his gaze both unsettled and thrilled the normally composed woman, and she eventually made the careful decision to allow his presence beside her, seeking divulgence of information before another, more important confirmation was assured within her conscience.

Neurons fired behind the skull, and in response the woman poured her attention into the discourse they shared, focusing now upon what lurked underneath this fine specimen of mankind.

One eyebrow perched high amongst the thin furrows on his forehead as he said, "Surely one so alluring as you has a christening of the same quality?"

"I'm afraid my moniker is not of dire important at the present moment," she replied coolly, and to her surprise and delight he simply shrugged and gave his own name.

"Well, Zackary," she began, testing the flavor of his title upon her pallet, "What brings you here?"

"A vast amount of things, all trivial - besides the fact that there is a beautiful woman sitting quite alone. I thought I might change that."

"What makes you think you're worthy?" She slid her tongue along the rim of her glass, enjoying the last bit of her martini. She noted with displeasure that he was quick to order her a second drink - did he not believe women were capable? Best to explore that in further conversation, although she had to admit it was...nice...

"I was hoping you might be able to explain that matter," he said slyly, and a grin touched the corners of her meticulously painted lips at his suave direction of their dialogue. Indulging him, she agitated the strands atop her head with a thoughtful shake, then allowed her eyes to rove as she voiced her musings.

"You're certainly a very pleasing member of our species, Zackary. And although I am deeply inclined when it comes to keeping things...physical," she let her facial features shift suggestively, "it would be gratifying if your intellect and personality measured up to the standards you seem to set in regards to your appearance."

He nodded, deep-set sapphire eyes glowing with the challenge.

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