A Story like no Other by Otilia Tena

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SUMMARY: a delicate woman among tough warriors

A Story like no Other
by Otilia Tena

Chapter 1
The weak one

" A time when roses bloomed out of the blood that had softened the earth, an age that had gone back to the past while being nothing less than its opposite. Now, don't look back in tears! This is the last story written on Earth and you are her children ; therefore mankind won't fade away. " The old man moved his fingers over the dust that covered the book: Uta Lilith was on its cover, handwritten. " I won't read out everything , only the foremost things in her diary." And he began:

They had lit up the evening fire and were waiting for dinner, intoxicated with the virile smell of the flames, which caressed their nostrils. The air trembled in a sweet fog and I needed to be careful while stepping among shields and helmets. Gemma was polishing her sword; she was bright , the flames loved her, she seemed to be the fire goddess. I sat down next to her.

" Is there any chance for me to be like you one day?" She smiled protectively.

" You are Uta , Uta Lilith, the weakest of the Gundara; frail and delicate , your skin is like rose petals and your swinging gait is that of a cat. You weren't born to be a warrior like us; you've got a cruel destiny and I shall do my best to spare you. But let me be honest with you: I am not sure I will succeed."

" And... what kind of destiny?"

" Uta! Come here and help us with dinner!"

" Go, Uta! These old witches can't stand it to see us talking."

" I wish I could destroy them one day."

" And don't forget what I taught you: your students mustn't see your weakness, even if they know you are no warrior. Don't let them take advantage of it."

We all sat round the fire and ate. I looked at Katwa and at his secret lover. " Oh, dear brother, how long can this story go on undiscovered? There's one layer more and they already see through it."

The next day I went to the highschool as usual and heard everybody talking about a new battle with the Zuyma. They all looked at me with envy and indignation , but that was nothing new to me ; and yet I sensed there was more behind it. I had got used to being the weakest of all of them , though there was hardly any chance for me to be at ease with it; I tried to imagine myself in one of those sexy warrior outfits; I knew there was no outfit in this world that would not suit me, but this one demanded inner strength as well.

" It's only your fault! The Zuyma will attack us again!" one of the aged women shouted.

" My fault? Why my fault?"

" Because you exist!"

I took the class register and went to my students. There I met the same soundless fury in their eyes and attitude. I felt even weaker than I already was , but then Gemma's words came to my mind in a somewhat encouraging manner.

I stood next to her at dinner, since the old wicked women were still with delaying businesses in the town. " Tell me about it."

" Well... each of the Zuyma will sleep with you and you will breed; so the genetic dowry of the next generation of Zuyma warriors will be an out of ordinary one.

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