The Last Furione - Chapter 2 by Edwina Smith

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SUMMARY: Max Gueverra is attractive, 5"11, has long, jet-black hair and is extremely dangerous. Follow her story as she battles through betrayal, forgiveness, love and hate. Combines the ideas of Underworld, L. K. Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong. Please don't sue!

I stayed in the dojo to train for around two weeks before I left with Alcide. Two weeks since my mother was slain. Our plan was to head through Europe, ultimately heading for America where I wanted to find some answers to my very confusing life. In each city that we went to, we would stay for around 4 - 5 months before moving on.

First, we would go south to Kobe and then take a ferry to South Korea. We would then cross the boarder into North Korea and then make our way to Shenyang in China. From China, we would head into southeast Russia and take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow, where we would rest for about a year.

The next stage of the journey was to travel to Berlin in Germany, through Nuremberg and down to Munich. Then on to Milan in northern Italy and then north-west to Marseilles in France. We would then go to Paris, cross the English Channel and head for London where we would rest for around a year again.

After that, it would be a six-hour flight on a Boeing 737 to America, where we would travel from state to state, city to city, until we found any clue as to what my mother ran away from the USA all those years ago. What - or who.

In each country that we went to, I would learn to speak the main language fluently. Alcide already knew how to speak the languages so he taught me them. He was an excellent teacher and I was an apt pupil. My favourite language that I learned was Russian because it was so different and quite challenging.

The most memorable event during the first half of the journey was when Alcide took me to the Nuremberg Racetrack in Germany. By that time, I was only around 11 years old, but going there sparked my interest of fast vehicles - especially motorbikes! There, Alcide promised me that when I was old enough, he would buy me a motorbike and teach my how to ride it.

Throughout the journey, it was one of the things that kept me going. The other was revenge.


We landed in Miami Airport, Florida at 10:00am. I was so tired! We hadn't had a chance to sleep the previous night, as we needed to set off for the airport at 10:30pm there was no point in going to bed!

The flight had been uneventful and I hadn't been able to sleep on the plane. Neither had Alcide. There had been two in-flight films but they had been so boring that I just ignored them.

The first thing we did after we arrived at the airport was to get a car and drive to the first adequate hotel that we saw, book into a room and sleep until we felt the need to wake up and to explore this new place, with the exception of stopping at a drive-thru as that plane food was so horrible that I left it. Funnily enough, Alcide had done the same.

I woke up at around 3pm the next day, cleaned myself up and got dressed. I then told Alcide I was going sightseeing so he gave me some money and I set off. Even though I was only fourteen, I could knock a grown man flat out who was twice my size, I spoke more languages than the average person - let alone the average teenager - and outrun the fastest athlete (I hadn't actually tried this but Alcide had measured my speed in a timed race and compared it to a record book guess who was faster), so Alcide trusted me to be able to take care of myself.

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