Cry for the Wolf, Chapter 3. by Richard Walker

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Chapter 3.

To the right reverend and worshipful Father in the Light, Abbot Sagacious of Green Thatch Abbey in Huppingscombe, from Rhiarra, Lady Esturme, heiress of the Green Thatch, eternal greeting in the Light and my best love. I give thee all honors and all reverence, wishing thee, an it please thee, health and the blessing of the Light with such happy success as is to the utmost of your desires, forever.

Most honored and most dearly well-beloved friend, I recommend me unto you, desiring to hear and truly know good news of your welfare and that of your honorable brethren of our forest, with prayers unto the Light Eternal that I be granted always to know all such goodly things of which you can indeed think and wish for, for the Eternal Light knows how my joy is always increased whenever I have happy news of you.
By the great love that has long lain between you and my family for such a great multitude of years, I am so much surprised that up to now I have had no letters of you, and that no reports of your health have come to my ears. Therefore may I entreat you that, for the sincere joy and pleasure of my heart, it please you to keep me informed of all such by messenger as often as it might indeed please you. And may it also please you to know, because I am quite certain that it would please you much, due to the great love and esteem in which you have this family and all of its members, including myself, beholden, that at the time of sending you this letter I find me hale and of good health, praise the Light, and I thank you again for the very great affection and kindness that you have had and pray still have for me and mine and for the other favors without number which it has pleased you in your charitable kindness to do and to show to my mother and myself and my good father, may he walk in Eternal Light, and those who depend upon us, without our deserving any at all.
I think that, at this time, thou art well acquainted with the unstable health and humor of my dear mother. I know that on occasions previously you were wont to keep abreast of my her recurring infirmities and, at this mention of her, I am minded of the current unhappy turn taken by my good lady mother's health, so that I shall endeavor here to bring you up to date. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must relate to thee that my dear lady mother has had a dreadful relapse, and that despite mine own best efforts, which efforts have been considerable and likely without peer, I must say, and of which, for the good humility beloved so of the Light, I must confess can be no conceit. I have been in nigh constant attendance on her ladyship both day and night for many days now, plying upon her malady every herb, every simple and nostrum, plaster, poultice, or other remedy of my knowledge that I can think might have some good effect on her condition. Indeed, were you to witness these efforts, you might well remark that no body in this world had ever received such great care as has been lavished upon my very dearest mother.

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