Cry for the Wolf, Chapter 5. by Richard Walker

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Chapter 5.

Item £. s. d.
1 Large silver platter, heavy-wrought handles set with gemstones 5. 2. 5.
1 largish footed silver table bowl 2. 14. 11.
1 gold-washed silver cellar, a great three-masted cog
riding on a base wrought in the likeness of ocean waves 3. 12. 3.
1 silver-gilt goblet set with topaz and amethyst 2. 0. 5.
1 fine footed wooden .mazer with a lid and golden rims 0. 5. 6.
1 Large ornate silver fob and ring with 12 keys, heads set wi' gemstones 0. 15. 2.
3 assorted finger rings of silver and gold with fine stones 0. 5. 3.
1 gilded ring with a single stone 0. 2. 0.
1 ring of plain wrought silver 0. 0. 6.
1 thumb ring with a carven stone 0. 0. 9.
1 pair of pendant drop earrings, jeweled 0. 1. 2.
1 man's heavy cloak pin 0. 6. 9.
1 woman's heavy cloak pin 0. 5. 0.
1 fine worked leather belt with a massive buckle 0. 0. 11.
1 ladies girdle of silver lockets 2. 10. 0.
1 pair of silver spurs 0. 16. 8.
1 pair of plain, small slipper pins 0. 3. 4.
10 assorted purses 0. 9. 3.
27 grosso 1. 7. 0.
119 pence 0. 9. 11.
55 ha'pence 0. 1. 10. 1hp.
93 farthings 0. 1. 11. 1 [g.
in toto 21. 12. 11.3fg·

The little "gypsy" troupe picked their way along the road with some speed through the crowds that grew with each mile they gained towards the city. Traffic had reached its most congested once their trail had joined the main coastal road, with the host of other last-minute arrivals, attendees, peddlers, merchants, and performers traveling from the west. Myranna was wound tight enough to snap, and her little band of performers were weary of walking on eggshells around her all day. Their stay at the inn they had finally found the previous night had more than taxed her patience. She'd about had it with her merry band, between the whining for this and that and the rise in prices for the high faire season. She'd ended-up spending more than she'd wanted, having had to wheedle and grease the innkeep just to be allowed quarters outside the stables. Now, as if she didn't have enough on her plate, she was beginning to worry about the money. Did she have enough? She had thought sure that she had gathered enough plate and jewelry in booty to get the job done, but now she wasn't so sure. Now it depended on how much was left from that which she had sent on ahead with her factor to make their arrangements for the faire. She had a sneaking suspicion she was going to have to open her wagon and read palms again to make it up, and crack the whip over her wasteful band and add a few additional performances to their schedule to make up any potential shortfall, and that possibility didn't put her in any better mood.
Basithia she had sent to ride with Bandar before the girl could succeed in goading Tarl into either jumping her or belting her for teasing him with her wriggling and fussing over her bodice and flashing her ample cleavage at him. She courted his rage and his rape just short of wantonly, thrilled by the danger of him. Tarl resisted her largely for Nileus' sake, but also for that of his Mistress. Myranna had only small patience for his moods.

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