Ferryman's toll by Owen Jones

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SUMMARY: Entry for the September Flash Fiction Contest

He fell into the alleyway from above, a dark shadow among darker shadows. One broken body the fruitful return and sole reason for their collaboration.
Removing the mask cost two further hunters broken limbs, a price too steep for revelation as it turned out.

The tufts of mange-like hair, a missing ear and livid scars across the entirety of his face made the visage wholly unidentifiable. Only the eyes offered legitimate evidence that here was their foe brought low. Up close the smell of the man was awful, a repugnance that not even the hardest of the frightening crowd could weather for long.

Imperceptibly the gathered villains stepped back in unison, the glee slowly seeping from the triumphant expressions to be replaced by a mixture of revulsion and indeed horror. The man who had, for so long, denied their grandiose schemes and depradations was a thing. A demon of scars and bright shining eyes that looked through the ragged collection of damned souls.

Taking a step forward the Target raised his weapon, pointed it for a last time at his nemesis.

'Thank you,' said the thing.