FRIENDS by Joe Moler

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i met him in the raini ddown town day. we were frainds many years agou, we were also busines partners and pals. Now he is big shat and as it hapens many times, one win and thousand lost. He ask me to go in old bir factory cafe and i accepted even thou i did not have realy big desire to thrink with him.
we ate and dreink and talk. The fabulous maner of beer made us litlebat klose and we start singing old solders song from korea. After that we took sam german brendy and mix it with beer and trink to the moning. This beer factory bar they close at 8 o'cok in the morning and we were last to live.
One sacesful bob and another without lack at all wes walking 5 avenu in njujork and for the moment with help of the old memoris we fill the same.
I even return kiss in chick and hag him strongli and closly like old good frainds do.
He took taksi ond visper in the city sanday morning and i took a sabway train and fell a sleap going home.
Whot is wrong to have sacsesful friend, i tell to my self trying to empty bed filing that start giving me problem to sleep.
Train going oposit side was full with people going to work. same of them will one day sacide in samthing, like my friend Bob.....but much biger namber will be on my side...