Xooper Powers by Menaka G

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Suddenly, Xuru fell to the floor on his stomach with a loud thud. The menacing tentacle grabbed nothing. The creature realized this and balled up the tentacle into a huge fist. Xuru tried to get up, but noticed the fist-like tentacle above him. He crouched below the creature's line of sight and started to crawl out of the way.
Xenia, Xuru's flight engineer, gasped very audibly. Xuru looked up at the fist. Only there was no fist. The creature was feeling the space around it as though it couldn't see him. Had it gone blind?
"Where is Xuru?" Xenia asked in a scared voice.
Xuru got out of the way of another tentacle sweeping the floor and waved to his crew. But they continued to look around in panic, ten eyes looking in every direction possible. It was almost like he was invisible. He looked at his waving arm. But he couldn't see it either.


"What are you gonna do with it? Sneak into people's bathrooms?" James teased.
"Oh c'mon!" Julia was getting irritated with this conversation, now that her husband wouldn't shut up about it! Why did she have to start this stupid discussion?
"You know what's the coolest super-power? Laser vision!" James continued without hesitation.


Xuru sneaked behind the creature and climbed up one of the poles that linked the two floors of the space capsule. He didn't have a plan, but was hoping that the wierd, unintelligible voices in his head would help out somehow. But it was Xenia's voice that he heard - "There he is!"
He realized he was visible again and in a moment of panic he closed his eyes, awaiting the death blow. But then, the blow did not come when he expected it. He opened his eyes to see where the creature had gone.
There was an explosion at the place where the creature was a second ago, leaving behind a heap of ash. The crew cheered wildly. Confused, Xuru looked around, each eye turning in a different direction.
Red beams from his eyes punctured the space capsule at different points. The crew's cheers turned to frightened shrieks as they started getting sucked out. First to go was the pile of ash.


Julia yawned very obviously.
"Sleepy already?" James asked disappointed. She didn't let him complete his list of reasons as to why laser vision was the best super power ever.
"Ya... " she yawned again and closed her eyes.
James stretched out next to her. She was turned away from him. He smiled and put his arm around her.
"Not tonight, darling. I have a headache," she said.


Xuru opened his eyes just a little bit, afraid that he might cause more damage. Nothing happened. Whatever the crazy power was, he didn't have it any more. He sighed in relief and opened his eyes fully. He was still perched on the pole. His right eye registered two of his crew members holding onto another pole to stop themselves from being sucked out. His left eye saw his remaining crew holding each other's hands in a chain, with Xenia holding onto another pole. The chain of Xippeexips was floating serenely towards a hole. All of them were looking at him with both eyes.
"What was that?" Xenia asked through her teeth.
Xuru thought about that. He could no longer hear the voices in his head. But then -
"I'm not quite sure, but I think it was Xooper Power."