Cry for the Wolf, Chapter 7. by Richard Walker

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Chapter 7.

To the presumptuous and avaricious knave pretending to the rank of king, styled the Beggar King, by the hand of Mistress Myranna aus Eignenzeitburg of the troupe of Bandar of Kamaar, Brother and Master Player of the Guild of Scarlet Players.

Most pernicious arrant blackguard, pay heed to this warning. It's more than you deserve. I'll not lend credence to the title you claim by using it. This is to inform you that yesternoon, even in accordance with your instructions, the poor pawns and caitiffs by name of Ruggles and Patches did present themselves to me in pursuit of the arrangements I allowed to be known in certain quarters I did seek and to our great surprise did reveal to us their intent to profit by the services we sought even above and beyond the fair payment for those services we did fully intend in good coin to offer. With the judicious application of some knowledge of secret arts we possess we did discover your filthy and unwelcome hand behind this vile plot, much to our astonishment insomuch as you know we had not nor never had any business with you nor ever had any intention of hindering you or any of yours. We wonder what possible reason you could have for interfering in matters which are above you and your ilk and marvel at your presumption, for it has been conveyed to us that you tyrannously extend your hand and gather into it all manner of the services which may be had of a dubious nature in this city and for many miles hereabouts, whereby you do wrongfully accrue much in the way of profit and ill-gotten goods.
Know you now that we of this small band dwell not in these lands for long but only for the run of the faire and practice not your way of life but pursue merely the resolution of matters which are beyond your scope and kenning. We have sworn Just vengeance and the righting of a debt long held in abeyance and have no intentions of profiting materially from the task we pursue as you so precipitously assumed, but know you that, even were it so, you should not receive from us even a single farthing! This has been sworn on Power eldritch, and we exhort and require that you cease and desist from any such activities as might hinder our cause, on pain of earning the ire of very Fate. That you should entertain thoughts of our so complaisantly complying with your wishes we find very amusing, but only briefly and in the original instance. And in case you have not identified the silent messenger whereby this missive has been returned to you, it is the very Patches whom you did first send to me. He bears the mark of the end of my amusement and the beginnings of my simple displeasure. You meddle with Powers beyond your ken, much to your detriment and the endangerment of your own continued comfort and good health. Do not think to meddle with this curse, for it bears thorns beyond its immediate appearance which could well spoil any value you place in such poor hedge-witches you might set to the task. I tell you now, the state in which you keep your servants is abysmal and abominable for one with the resources I expect of you.

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