And so it was at the beginning of their dwelling there by B. L. Hobson

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SUMMARY: October flash fiction! Tally ho old chap.

It all started with the news report. At least it did for James. He had been sitting there, on his couch, late at night, chip crumbs on his chest and his eyes all beady from the continued watching and the lady, whats-her-name, had come on the television. She had started to speak and James had sat up, crumbs falling from his stomach and onto the floor. He didn't care. He needed to see.

The picture on the television showed a road and on this road were several cars and the shot was from a helicopter. Some backstreet he didn't know where but the news said it was in his city. As he stared he saw that there was something black swallowing the cars. As he stared he saw that blackness sweep across that street as though it were water. Like a slow moving tidal wave. Black foul water. When it swept passed there was no more road, there were no more cars. Nothing was left. As it moved he saw that it was approaching the feed of the camera and the helicoipter supporting it. He saw then that the camera went black. Then static. Nothing at all.

The feed went from static. A man staring blankly at the camera as he appeared on screen. A newsreader. James stared as the man did. Dumbstruck. The man regained his composure and began to read.

"The black that you were just watching started to spread last night at midnight. What you were just watching, for those who just joined us, was the footage we captured half an hour ago. We haven't heard anything from the pilot of the helicopter since the footage was shot. We haven't given up trying..."

James didn't stay for any more. He stood up from his couch and he ran outside, as fast as his figure would allow. He was tired by the time he made it. What he saw was unavoidable and huge.

The black tidal wave of dark and gloom was fast approaching. It's outer edges seemed to fray as it met the horizon and James watched as it enveloped houses which seemed to splinter as the black made contact but not of wood, of image, of shape and dimension. James stared. It had gathered speed dramatically from what he had seen on the television. James' heart thudded loudly in his ears and he did his best to run but what he saw and what he knew in his heart was that he would never escape.

He ran to his car parked in his driveway and as he did so he pulled his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. It wouldn't budge for a moment and James felt something inside his chest pinch. He gasped in pain and he struggled with the lock and it gave way and he swung the door open and jumped inside his car. He started the engine and backed down the driveway and noticed that the black was ever closer and gaining. He was terrified. His chest hurt and he put his foot down on the accelerator and sped away.

He drove and as he did so he rubbed his chest. He looked in the rear-view mirror and all that he could see was black. It seemed to be growing in it's darkness, every shadow and every moment of darkness and pitch black that he had ever seen didn't compare to this water. It seemed to flow and it seemed to be moving in slow-motion and yet it was gaining.

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