The Last Furione - Chapter 6 by Edwina Smith

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SUMMARY: Max Gueverra is attractive, 5"11, has long, jet-black hair and is extremely dangerous. Follow her story as she battles through betrayal, forgiveness, love and hate. Combines the ideas of Underworld, L. K. Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong. Please don't sue!



In the next few hours, Raze told me more about the inhabitants of Stonehaven. He was a little hazy on the detail; probably waiting for Lucian to come up later and explain what he had done to me and why. Obviously, I wasn't looking forward to this. As far as I was concerned, Lucian was some crazy psycho who had an eccentricity of going round and biting people. A psycho who I would do my best to ignore, until I escaped; which I was actually planning to do very soon.

I found out that Raze was not the only Furion at Stonehaven. There were three others (well, a fourth until I got as far away as I could from here). One was Alcide - now that he had returned - one was Jason and the other was called Clay.

Clay's full name was Clayton Danvers. He was 21 years old, had blue eyes, blonde hair and was apparently the epitome of WASP breeding. Just what any girl could ask for. Clay was an Agito Ice type Furion. Great, just somebody else that I outrank. The only problem with Clay was that he was Lucian's adopted son. Did I say the only problem? More like one gigantic Leviathan of a problem to me!

Jason was Clay's friend but Raze didn't tell me much about him.

At around 8pm (there was a clock on the bedside table) Raze picked up the empty tray and told me that he would come and check on me later. Either that or to make sure that if Lucian did come, that I didn't kill him. I was giving some serious thought to the latter. He walked out and shut the door behind him.

Eventually came a knock on the door and he walked in. I just ignored him and stared out of the window, trying to count the leaves on a tree and to control my rapid heartbeat. In truth, I was petrified of him. I don't know what he had done to me, but I knew it would probably change my life forever - probably for the worse.


‘Max... I know you must be terrified right now but would like you to listen to me.' I continued to ignore him, didn't even bother to make eye contact and glare at him. ‘I know you must think I am crazy...' pause - bingo! He got it in one - ‘But what I did to you, I did for a reason.' He continued ‘And that is because your mother asked me to.' That got my attention.

‘You lie!' I hissed. ‘She would never ask for you to do, whatever you did, to me!'

‘I'm sorry, but she did. Hasn't Alcide given you the letter yet?'

‘What letter?' I snapped.

‘Your mother wrote a letter to explain what she was and why she went away...'

‘No, you're lying. It's not true.' I moaned as I started to feel tears forming in my eyes.

‘I'm sorry Max.'

‘She would never do such a thing!' I shouted. ‘She would never want any harm to come to me.'

‘No actual harm has come to you. I have merely activated what was already in your DNA. I wish Alcide had given you the letter already. It would have explained so many things and made it easier.'

‘So sorry to be such a burden for you,' I retorted. ‘I know! Why not just let me go?' Despite the sarcastic tone I used, I actually meant it.

‘I am sorry, but I can't do that.

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