The Last Furione - Chapter 6 by Edwina Smith

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Now you are one of us and there is no cure. You are Lycan now; you are Pack.'

That was the word from my dreams, what did it mean? It was if he could read my mind...

‘We are Lycans. Most people know us as Werewolves and yes, they do exist. We exist... and your mother was one of us. She was my... my mate.'

If he said anything past the word ‘mother', I didn't hear it as my mind froze at his accusation. ‘Get away from me!' I screamed. "How dare you say such a thing! I don't care what you think you are - you're crazy! Get the hell away from me!"

‘Max, I'm sorry...' He didn't get a chance to say more because I grabbed the clock and launched it at him as I screamed "GET OUT NOW!"

I narrowly missed his head as he dodged out of the way but he got the message and quickly left the room, locking the door behind him. I didn't care. I felt numb. I curled up into a ball and stayed like that until I heard the lock click and someone came into the room. It was Raze. I don't know how I knew, but I just... did. I didn't look up as he crossed the room towards me. He squeezed my uninjured shoulder tentatively and I tensed. I think he must have felt that because he took his hand back, put something on the table and walked out of the room. I heard the click of the lock again and then he was gone.

I just ignored whatever it was for what I estimated was around one hour - the clock was in pieces on the other side of the room - but then curiosity got the better of me and I had to look. It was an envelope. I picked it up and examined it. There was one word printed on the front. My name. Max. Let's hope curiosity doesn't kill this cat...

I ripped open the envelope and what I saw made me almost rip the letter up too; but I didn't. I recognised my mother's handwriting. It was unmistakable.


Dear Max,

If you are reading this letter, it means I have failed you and I am so very sorry. It means that I am not around to tell you some important things, but I wish I was, as I hoped to tell you this in person one day.

Before you were born, I lived at a house called Stonehaven in New York State, America. Something awful happened and I was forced to leave. I had to protect you, my unborn child. I went to Tokyo because I spent my childhood there and you were born. You were a beautiful child; always reminding me of myself.

Lucian always sent us money to make sure that we lived well. He probably would have come himself, if he was allowed. I put some of the money every month into a bank account, which you will have access to when you are old enough.

I don't have much time left so I must hurry. I was one of the female Lycans living at Stonehaven and Lucian was my mate. We loved each other very much.

One horrible day when I was visiting friends in Vermont, I was kidnapped. I escaped, but not before you were conceived. Malcolm, the pack Ulfric at the time, thought it was best if I moved out of any immediate danger. Lucian protested, but he could do nothing to stop me leaving so he did his best to make our lives comfortable. He also sent Alcide to come with us and make sure that he kept us safe, although I asked him to go back when you were around three years old.

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