Undecided - Chap 1 by Katherine Campbell

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SUMMARY: Kana begins to worry when she hears the voice from a recurring dream when she's awake. Is it her drowned sister, mysteriously alive? Or something more sinister?

He fumed and burned, lurking in hot shadow. He was a God. He was omnipotent, he could control all within his realm; Omniscient, knew all that he desired to know; Omnipresent, he could be everywhere he wanted to be, and could see everything. Or at least he had been, until they had come. Torn him from his home, his haven, his throne. That he had been ignorant of the boundaries and limits of his world gnawed within him. His blood flowed thick with menace, molten with hatred and fury. But being a God had taught him many things, and amongst these was patience.

"Rescue me..." The voice faded as Kana rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Remnants of the dream flashed on the inside of her eyelids; rippled water, and the familiar face disappearing beneath the wavelets. She shuddered at echoes of emotions conjured by those memories, and looked for a minute at the similar ripples of light playing on the pale yellow curtain. Just the morning sun greeting the little fishing village, she reminded herself, nothing more sinister than that.
Kana padded across the floor of her room, and flinched as her finger tips brushed the frigid water in the wash basin. She splashed some onto her face despite it's iciness and stopped, studying her dripping reflection in the small mirror. A little of the horror remembered from her dream seeped into her belly causing it to ache as she looked at her face. Liquid amber eyes, framed by a tousled halo of silver blonde curls. The same face she had seen, blurring as it's owner sank into the depths.
She shrugged and began to brush out her hair, teasing the tangled curls into longer, more managable coils and loops which sat comfortably on her shoulders. The dream was as unremarkable as the daily task, yet the feelings it brought back were not. It was six years since her twin had drowned, but the memories were still vivid. Kana and Starran had been thirteen, and excited at first when they stole out on their small dinghy, alone, the independancy a thrill. Too young to understand the unpredictable weather patterns of the coast, the storm had almost cost them both their lives. It was strange though, Kana pondered as she pulled on a sleeveless blouse and loose trousers, that she didn't dream of the face of a child anymore, but her own face. The voice also confused her; had she dreamed of her sister calling before? It troubled her, had her sister survived perhaps? Frustration at the pointless hopes gripped her. Her father and scores of other fishermen had searched for days and found nothing.
"Rescue me." Kana mumbled to herself. No, the voice from her dream was definitely not her own.
A gentle rumbling sound caused Kana to turn with a smile. A large mound of bed sheets stirred, and a large golden paw poked from beneath them.
"Good morning Fantha." Kana said, still distracted by her musings. The bed sheets rose, and a large cat slid to the floor. Fantha stretched, his hindquarters in the air whilst his paws massaged the much clawed rug. Fantha was an orphaned mountain cat, who had been found, a mewling kitten, after the same storm that had left Kana desolate.

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