The Last Furione - Chapter 7 by Edwina Smith

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I was in luck. Despite the late hour, I found a truck driver who was heading for Albany himself so he agreed to take me. I sat in silence, staring out of the window for the whole journey. When we arrived, I dug around in my pockets and found a $20 note so I gave it to the driver, thanked him and left.

My stomach started to grumble for more food, but I didn't know where to get any. I went looking for a place to hide instead. After around 1 hour, I found an old, abandoned warehouse. I crawled through a broken window, found a suitable corner, and slept.


In the morning, I decided to go on the hunt for food as my stomach continuously protested that I didn't feed it enough and I got annoyed. Before I left, I tried to make myself look presentable by batting the dust off my clothes and I ran my fingers through my hair again. It was the best I could do. I emptied out my pockets and amazingly found another $20. Must be my lucky day!

I found one of those walkabout street vendors and bought some greasy looking food and some juice. The food didn't taste very nice but it shut my stomach up, so I was glad to have it. As I was passing a newspaper stand, something caught my eye. The date in the paper was the 15th of June. Oh my god - today was my birthday! Just great.

As I was walking round the city-centre, I started to get the feeling that I was being watched. I ducked down and pretended to tie my non-existent shoelaces on my slip on trainers. As I did this, I discretely looked around to see if there was anyone I knew. I saw no one I could recognise so I started to walk again. However, I did speed up and keep changing direction as I walked, so I would be harder to spot.

Nothing happened for around an hour but I started to get that feeling again. I whirled round, not giving the person (if there actually was someone there) a chance to hide. Only there was somebody there. Someone I knew. It was Raze. Before he could react, I turned and fled.


Running... Running... All I ever do is run. All my life is spent running from someone. First from whoever killed my mother and now from the crazy ‘Lycans' at Stonehaven. One thing I can be sure of - I will not go down easily. They are in for a fight.


I ran as fast as I could; dodging tourists, diving round as many corners as I could. But then I made a crucial mistake. I took a wrong turn and ran straight into a dead end. There was no escape. I looked round for a weapon of some sort and found a long, wooden pole that resembled an Escrima stick that I sometimes train with. I picked it up, turned round, took the fighting stance and waited

Sadly, Raze had not lost my trail. I did not think he would. He appeared round the corner and started to walk towards me with his arms out, palms raised. I thought he was trying to show that he didn't want a fight but I was completely wrong. The stick flew out of my hand, almost taking me with it, and crashed down near the far wall out of reach. I had forgotten that Raze was telekinetic and now I had no weapon. Careless mistake.

‘Please, Max.

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