The Last Furione - Chapter 8 by Edwina Smith

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SUMMARY: Max Gueverra is attractive, 5"11, has long, jet-black hair and is extremely dangerous. Follow her story as she battles through betrayal, forgiveness, love and hate. Combines the ideas of Underworld, L. K. Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong. Please don't sue!

When I came round, I was back at Stonehaven - where else would Raze take me? I was wearing different clothes to what I remember and someone had re-bandaged my shoulder. I was also in a different room, lying in what appeared to be some sort of four-poster bed, which had canopy curtains that were tied back.

The last room had been quite small, but this one was nice and spacious. There was a large window looking out to the forest with a table and two chairs next to it. On the table was a vase of lilies - my favourite flower - and Raze was sitting on one of the chairs. It wasn't a big surprise to see him there.

‘Looks like you got stuck guarding me again.'

‘Just making sure that you don't escape again' he replied with a wink. I managed to smile weakly.

‘What's the point, anyway? I'll just get found and dragged back here again' I mumbled, mainly to myself.

‘Like the new room?' he asked.

‘Not bad. I like the new clothes too.'

‘Your other ones were filthy. What did you do to them?'

‘Oh, slept in an abandoned warehouse and got chased round Albany. You know - the usual.' That made both of us grin. ‘Was I really out of it for two weeks?'

‘Yep. Sadly I got stuck on change the cold washcloth duty. It was awful, believe me.'

‘Poor you.'

‘When was the last time you ate?' he enquired.

I had to think about that question, which wasn't a good sign. ‘I think some greasy food from a street vendor in Albany. Does that count?'

‘Bet you're hungry then, aren't you?' he remarked and my stomach chose that time to grumble its agreement. ‘I'll go and get some then.'

Raze got up and turned to leave. As he went through the door, I yelled ‘And no raw stuff this time! Make sure it's cooked!' He closed the door, chuckling to himself. I didn't hear him lock the door behind him, which I suppose was a good sign.


The food came around 15 minutes later, but it was not Raze who brought it. It was Alcide. This was the first time that I had seen him since the crazy monster bit me and I didn't know how I should act around him. After all, I had treated him like my father all my life and all he had done was lie to me.

‘How are you feeling?' he asked.

‘Ok' I replied. Short and simple.

‘Look Max. I know you must hate me for what I did and I apologise. I would have told you, but I was ordered not to. I know you must be extremely disappointed with me.' I gave him one look and it was enough. ‘I know I don't deserve to ask you, but I am really sorry and I want to know if you could forgive me.'

‘Forgive you?' I stammered. ‘Excuse me, but you spent around 10 years travelling around the world to America with me. Doesn't that count for anything?'

‘More than you could imagine. I know how you must feel but I can't think of any excuse great enough. I never meant to hurt you and I'm sorry.'

‘Why did you lie to me? You could have told me. And mum...'

‘I know I should have told you. I wanted to tell you, but as I said before, I was ordered not to. Your mother also wanted to tell you but she didn't get the chance.

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