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SUMMARY: Beggining to a potential novel.

A man stood on the top of a hill overlooking the valley. He was dressed in silver armor turned dark with scars of sword slashes and dents from heavy blows. Faint blood stains were left on the sword that he held limply at his side. The valley before him was littered with bodies of men and horses, the remnants of a great and fierce battle. A battle which he had fought in, and a battle which he knew was meaningless. He felt a presence behind him, and without turning said, "We must hide, until the day we are ready, I only fear it may never come."

And with that, the man began to turn away from the dreadful scene, but not without a final glance at a giant form lying in the middle of the field. He stopped midway turning around, transfixed on the dark form.

"It was a death fit for any dragon, saving others as they retreated. He did not die in vain, he even saved you Arrion," rumbled a deep voice from behind the man.

"It should have been my sacrifice to make, not his," Arrion replied.


Trees and bushes whirred past as I sprinted through forest. The boar that I had shot with an arrow was chasing after me. A normal hunting day had gone bad and now I had to pay for a terrible shot that I'd taken. There was a bush ahead and I sprinted into and through it. There was a clearing on the other side, just big enough for me to get off an arrow before the animal chasing me could attack. Ignoring the stinging from the scratches and cuts of the bushes, I pulled my bow from off my back and fitted an arrow into it. A rustling noise quickly grew louder until the bush I'd just come through started to shake. Then a giant boar burst through the bush and stopped. It took it a second to realize that I was it's attacker. A twang snapped through the clearing as I released my arrow. The arrow sped towards the creature, and it had no time to react. The arrow flew right over it's head and sunk into it's back. Now there was two arrows sticking out of it from my terrible aim. The boar grunted in rage at the pain I had caused it.

The beast stood still for one more second, anger visible in it's eyes, and then it charged. The large brown boar was half my size and had two large tusks protruding from it's snout. I barely reacted in time to dodge the deadly tusks charging at me. I dropped my bow and reached for my small hunting sword. Unsheathing it, I prepared for the next charge. The boar turned and didn't hesitate in charging me. Jumping as it passed me, I slashed at the boar, but it bounced off the tusks. Before I could react to my miss I was dragged down off my feet. Pain shot through my leg and I realized one of the tusks caught my leg. The boar kept on charging with me in tow. Rocks and bushes cut at my body as I was dragged away from the clearing. I quickly reached for my sword, but then noticed that I had dropped it when I fell. I looked up and saw my previous arrow in the beasts back. I grasped the arrow and yanked it out.

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