Star Power by Paul Piculell

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SUMMARY: A story about the economics (the science of scarcity) of a culture that has everything. Most of the action takes place on a, 4 person, long range space scouting vessel. It is scouting for people with charisma (a talent scout - in a matter of speaking).

Act 1
Scene 1

Setting: The bulk universe (the unending space beyond the big bang)
Recreation deck of the small space survey ship "Snoopy"-

Narrator - Even if you got the "big job" of interplanetary explorer, there is still some guy yelling, "Hey! Mark; wake up! Time to work." Sure there's an infinite number of interesting places. Lots of empty planets with really epic picnic spots. But there's lots of crappie bars too. Where no one speaks English or has even heard of English. And there you are. Away from home, years at a time. The technology isn't perfect and neither are you. Nothing much to do on your time off but hang around and drink. So for now, you're stuck with your career decision, your hangover, the guy yelling at you , and a day of work; so wake up, get moving.

Mary- Turn off that alarm. Would'ja?

Mark- (offstage) Sorry can't. I'm not awake, the floor's too cold, I don't want to work, and bleeeeeth.

Joey - (slightly mechanical voice on intercom) What is that noise?

Mary - Mark's alarm. He's trying to deny the march of time.

Joey - Mark, If that denial thing doesn't work out; before I get over there you'd better shut that damn thing off!
(alarm quiets)

Joey- Mary you got the watch in 15 .

Mary - Ja, I'm with it.

Mark- (enters) What's there to do around here today. I'm so sick of that watch monitor. Maybe we should lift the esper damping field and play some psychic gin rummy.

Mary - Nope -not today. The view of our wandering hoard has started to resolve and Tommy wants us on our toes.

Mark- Yes, but Tom's asleep.

Mary - Yes, but I have to work

Mark - But what's to eat?

Mary - But I don't care. I'm the one with the watch. Sitting up there all day with my mind hanging out all over the emptiness staring at the filaments of some bang space. What was that? A tremor on the web? What was that? A tremor on the web? What was that? What was that? All, shitting, day, stinking, long.

Mark - You go on watch now. That monitor is a lovely thing, without it how'd we filter out the infinite amount of junk that our universe jumping little Snoopy ship exposes us to? Anyway, I'm sure today is the day. Every little tremble just leading us to some new personality that we can ride to riches. And mind thoooose monsters capt'n Tom was on about. But, most of all...; ....have fun.

Act I
Scene II

Two seat cockpit, command deck of the Snoopy

Mary- Morn'in Joey. I was going to call in sick today. But, seeing that I only live about 10 meters across that room back there; I thought you might catch on and get mad

Joey- Morn'in, evening, all looks like the same endless view out of these windows. Endless hours sitting at this nexus and not one interesting person to be found. I'm starting to think we should follow that thread we picked up last week and drift over a few universes and see.

Mary- Not one huh? Don't despair, we'll find someone right here in this part of the bubble soon sunshine. ...So, how's the neighbors?

Joey- We're thinking it could be a marauding hoard.

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