Bleeding in the Sand by Louise Suzan

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Dripping down my arm and pooling in my palm, the dark crimson liquid against my white skin reminded me of the night we first met. Remarkably only two short nights ago. I never knew I had love in me. Never felt at home anywhere, or with anyone. I now know there will be no one else for me.

Two nights ago he tried to kill me. Nothing personal, I was easy prey, walking along the dark stretch of beach, asking for trouble (as he later explained to me.) He only drank a small mouthful from his bounty before he changed from a vicious and ugly beast, to a beautiful soft man in front of my eyes. It was if he awoke to find himself sleep walking. He seemed surprised to see his own lips pressed upon my blood stained body. He did not speak, but lifted me in his arms and guided my head gently into his chest. I knew I should have been terrified, but instead I found comfort in his grip. He healed the wound he had created, the burning pain gone with only a small scar as proof, the entire time; neither of us spoke a word. For hours, he just stared in my eyes. I could sense he seen something in me that even I did not know was there.

As the shadows lowered and light spilled over the sand, I could see anguish in his eyes. I knew he had to leave. He gently pressed his lips to my head and lingered there for seconds before whispering in my ear the first words between us. My head tingled with delight where he had kissed me and my heart was jumping from my chest. He disappeared in same direction he had come, gone in a heartbeat. But he promised to come back.

I wanted to stay on the makeshift bed of leaves and shrub that he made for me in the sand. I was actually concerned if I left, the monster that punctured the base of my neck would not be able to find me. My stomach was turning circles with excitement, waiting to see him again. I could not help but consider it may have all been an elaborate dream. Could he possibly be real? I was immediately assured, when I became aware of my appearance. I considered what could have become of me. I didn't understand why he had spared me? Why it felt like he belonged by my side. Even more, why it felt like he wanted to be by my side. My train of thought was interrupted by a group of teenage surfers running toward their waves. The day dragged on, the stubborn sun the only thing between me and him.

Once the night fell I was back on the beach to make sure he could find me. It was 9 and had been dark for 2 hours. My anxiety was growing. I missed a man I had not spoken to. I knew I was behaving irrational. I did not even know this guy, not even a name. Not to mention that he attempted to kill me. There was of course one other reason I should keep my distance, but I tried not to think about it.
"Please, don't be scared." I heard a soft voice behind me. I turned to meet his gaze, the same eyes that stared into my soul only hours ago. I could see him now, better than before. I could look at him with no fear; there was no sign of the monster I first met, no traces of my life on his lips. He was beautiful. His eyes were old and had wisdom.

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