Bleeding in the Sand by Louise Suzan

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I knew he felt regret from our first encounter. Looking into his eyes, I felt I was reading a book. As if I did know this man.
"I know I should not have returned, however I needed to see you again." He stepped in closer to me, his arm extended and hand held out, asking for mine. His eyes were scared of my rejection. Without hesitating I placed my small hand in his, somehow it felt familiar, so right. I was not sure what to do next.
"I hope you are okay?" I must have looked confused, because he continued "your neck." As he said the words he traced the small silvery scar that remained on my skin. His fingers cool and smooth, making my body tingle all over as a quiet gasp escaped my lips. A slight smile spread on his lips.
"Yes, I'm fine." I said realising this was the first time he had heard my voice.

We walked along the beach, lit only by moonlight and distance street lights. His pale skin was almost glowing. He held my hand tight. He did not let go, not from the first moment. We talked and shared stories for hours. He told me of his family and although there were obvious gaping holes in each story, I could sense he had not shared this much of himself before. I felt at ease. Almost as if we had done this many times. I could barely keep my eyes off his strong shoulders, beautiful smile. It was obvious he was no ordinary man.
He stopped and pulled me into him, his body pressing mine. I could feel the tension between us as he slowly moved his hand around the curves of my back and placed his cheek on mine. He placed one hand over my pounding heart. I could feel him breathing on my neck, sending tingles down my spine and goose-bumps on my skin. Hesitantly he started speaking.
"Would you prefer I continue to leave the gaps." I had so many questions, but I could read into his open picture-book mind, as if he was projecting his memories on a screen in front of me.
"Your eyes somehow tell me what your lips leave out, but you can tell me anything. Everything."
"My feelings for you are confusing. I have lived many lives and I have known many people. I have harmed more humans than I can remember......I have never loved. I have never stopped and healed someone, sat by their side, like a worried husband. I have never felt..."
I waited for him to finish his sentence. But he already had. My knowledge of his existence was limited, but I assumed he still loved, still felt. It was hard to believe that the love of this beautiful creature was exclusive to me. He moved into me and allowed his sweet cool lips to embrace mine for the first time, sending my head spinning and strangely I felt like crying. The familiar touch of the sunrise signalled our second night had come to an end. He was gone with the night. Not before making the same promise as the night before.

Like déjà vu I was back on the beach, alone, watching the perfect sunrise with only one thing missing, him. I have always loved the beach, but now it was different, it appeared so much more romantic, sadly I realised we would never share this. Out loud I cursed the new day and headed home for some rest.

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