Idea 1 by Andy Dove

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SUMMARY: Just the beginning of a Sci-fi idea I've had, feel free to critique it on my forum thread and post a comment. Thanks.

At first there were just shapes. Rough, blurry outlines. Six of them. They were circles, equally sized, strung along a black canvas of darkness. Each had a slight reddish hue, which became brighter with each passing second. Then there was sound too. Like a wounded beast, groaning in pain. A low creaking sound, somewhere far away. A minute passed, then two... Five minutes, six...

He opened his eyes, suddenly overwhelmed by the realness of the world. It was as if he had been dragged from underwater. Now the sound was much louder and the lights ahead were blinding. He moved his arm, instinctively shielding his face. His breaths were short and his heart was racing. He slowly turned his head to the right, blinking until his vision adapted to the darkness around him. He was lying on the floor of a small chamber, bathed in a hellish crimson from the light-globes overhead. It was cold, very cold. He realised he wasn't wearing any clothes and quickly curled into a foetal position. Several more minutes passed. He had no idea where he was, why it was so cold, or where the strange sound was coming from. He certainly didn't know why he was lying on the floor naked.

It took a lot of effort to climb to his feet. It was as if he hadn't used his legs for a long time. Every part of him ached. He swayed for a few seconds, before reaching out to lean against the nearest wall for support. It felt cold and metallic, like the floor and vibrated in harmony with the distant groaning sounds. Everything was still blurry, he was finding it difficult to focus on anything, as if under the influence of some intoxicant. He narrowed his eyes, scanning for anything that might suggest where he was. In the centre of the room was a large sphere. It was around two metres in diameter and seemed to be made entirely of glass. It rested on a thick metallic frame, which was suspended by two beams protruding from the ceiling. Tight bunches of variously coloured cables were attached to the frame and snaked away into a dark recess in the corner. Crude-looking control consoles lined the farthest wall. Their screens were blank and looked powerless. He figured that this was some kind of laboratory, despite everything looking so alien.

He quickly lost interest, as his eyes came upon something else. It was a hatch, approximately a meter and a half tall, set into the wall adjacent to the consoles. It swung open...