Infidel Io by Aggelos Drampy

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SUMMARY: A story about God and science. A girl of science is being visited by God in her dreams, and shows to her the secrets of the world. I apologise for my English, it's not the best, but i'm sure you'll get the point :). This is my first upload here.

Infidel Io

Io was knelt in the center of a huge white room waiting for her God. The truth was that she couldn't see the walls either because they were too bright and emitted that white light or because they were too far and her eye-sight couldn't reach them. She didn't know where this room, exactly, was, and neither could she remember how she got there or if someone else took her there. Similar to the previous times. Always the same.
In front of her there was the God's throne. Made from white marble and decorated with precious stones, with colors and shapes Io had never seen before, it was standing in the center of the room, in brilliance that filled the vast space, even if it was the only object around.
Io herself was wearing a simple white long dress with flat folds that left her arms uncovered from the shoulders and below. Her feet were bare and her hair tied in a ponytail, something she never did.
She was sat on her heels with her hands touching her legs and was waiting patiently. She turned her head to the left and right looking at this vast room. She was thinking that if there was a door somewhere, it'd take her an eternity to reach at the place she was, from there. So vast it seemed. The only solid thing she could see was the white floor, in hue uniformity with the rest of the room. A couple of meters to the front there was the throne and the white halo all over, covering everything like gossamer.
The existence and presence of that room had made a big impression to her. Not only for its vastness, but also for the feeling of wholeness and warmth she'd feel when she was there. Like hugging her, invisibly and protectively, making her, with this way, to stay focused at the purpose of her visit. Indeed, while all of her senses were working like blazes, examining and recording everything, in her mind there was a unique peace.
Then she felt His presence. She didn't see Him, she didn't hear Him, just something in her told her that He was there. Io leaned to the floor. Her face was almost touching the white surface and her hands were rested on it, right in front of her head. She didn't do that out of fear, neither because someone told her so. Not even He asked from her a sign of humbleness and godliness. She did that by herself, because it was the only way she knew to show her endless reverence towards Him. And that's the reason why she had never seen His face.
She heard His footsteps approaching from the right. He stopped when he reached in front of His throne and she heard His clothes rustle while he was seated. Holding her head low she raised her eyes and saw His feet in front of the throne. The shoes He was wearing was also white. Very delicate sewing was holding its pieces together and a silver buckle, on each shoe, was keeping them tied on the feet. Someone could notice the fineness even on something that is considered common and indifferent from everybody. The ending of His white trousers slightly covered the shoes while its crease was sharp as a blade.
He stayed seated for some moments opposite her.

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