The end by Aggelos Drampy

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SUMMARY: Ecological flash-fiction about destruction...

"The end of the world, you said?"
"The end of the world as we know it, I said."
He looked at him puzzled. The same thing, in other words, he thought. And, anyways, the word "end" never sounded nice in his ear. Why couldn't be done some, or even a lot, drastic changes and, instead, an end had to come, and after that an uncertain beginning?
"Did you think of that carefully?"
"There is not another way. You know the point we've reached at."
He nodded. He knew that very well, but he denied admitting it in front of the others, because he wanted and sought for the least harmful solutions. But this friendly briefing was giving him the opportunity to be more open.
"What's in your mind?"
He flapped. "Us?"
The other one shook his head affirmatively, without saying a word. And then just stayed quiet giving him the time to understand it.
"You know that I do not agree with it at all."
"Yes, but unfortunately, there is not another way."
"It's against the law of Protection and Preservation of Biodiversity of the Global Rule."
"It'll be dispensed. It's not a matter of bureaucracy."
"Man as a species is unique. Maybe in the whole universe."
"The information will be saved in digital arcs. The reconstruction will be possible from higher than Second Generation civilizations."
"We don't know any other civilization, damn it."
He started to lose his temper. And that was something his position didn't allow him to do, at all. He was supposed to retain his calmness and impartiality, no matter the situation. Even in friendly conversations. As exactly his interlocutor was doing.
"It's a risk we are disposed to take for the survival of the planet."
"Why not be contented to a cut?"
"You were present at the 7 billions cut. The worsts were left. And the situation was not improved a bit. On the contrary, it got even worse. And it's been only 50 years."
"We'll develop new ways of chastisement, harder ones."
"Your trust for people is close to becoming a joke. If I didn't know to whom I am talking I would say that you are naive. But, I'm very aware of your knowledge and studies. Your book "About the Self-destructiveness of the Human Species" led to the first cut. And there were more to follow. Do you want me to count them for you?"
He raised his arm, making his interlocutor to stop speaking.
"Shut up. This wasn't the purpose of my book. I only wanted to reason people, not to exterminate them."
"In your book it becomes obvious that people would do that by themselves, either ways. It's just a matter of time. We only want to prevent the worse."
"Do you know that what you are going to do confirms my predictions?"
"Yes, but your predictions didn't say that the self-destruction would be for a noble reason. Maybe that's a way to get beyond ourselves. Maybe, by that, we will give an example to the ones that will follow. Or, maybe, the only thing that we will succeed of is to give to the life of the planet a new hope. Let's make that count."
"Have you set a timetable?"
He knew the answer before the other one said: "Yes."
"And what do you want from me?"
"You're the Voice. We want you to tell that to the people."
His fist moved with an incredible speed and hit his interlocutor below the left eye, knocking him down to the floor. He stepped closer slowly and stood over him. Tears filled his eyes.
"I'll do it.", he said.

The End