Who am I? by Aggelos Drampy

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Shouldn't I have to be able to recognize my voice? Did I recognize it? Yes. No.
"Does this room reminds you of anything?", the man asked.
"There is something indefinably familiar in it, but I don't know what this is", the answer came spontaneously from within me.
"Do you know what your name is?". Why all these questions? Question. Answer.
But yet, this question seemed to re-form my memory. Name. I had to be named, somehow. I found it and told it to him.
"Yes, that's your name", he said and smiled, and then he just sat there and looked at me. One minute and twenty-two seconds passed.
"Did you write those?", I asked him, looking at the board.
"Yes, they're mine", he answered and seemed proud of it.
"They seem right", I said.
"They probably are", he said and smiled. And then he got silent again.
Two minutes and forty-three seconds passed.
"Do you know me?", I asked him.
"I know you", he answered.
"Who am I?"
"You are I". Memory flickering. Truth. Lie.
"What do you mean?"
He stretched him arm towards my eyes and in awhile my vision started to wobble. I was looking at him, almost full-face, when my field of view turned to the opposite direction. Stuck on the wall there was a huge desk. Five computers there were on a desk, with their lights blinking like crazy from the over-functioning. Dozens of cables were connecting the computers with routers and hard-discs, forming a complicated local network. Among the computers there was a screen. My vision got closer to it. On the upper right corner of the screen there was a window that was showing the screen of a computer that had a window on the upper right corner, that was showing a computer screen that had a window on the upper right corner... to infinity. Next to that window there was a WordPad which lines were being renewed continuously. It wrote exactly what I was thinking...
It wrote exactly what I was reading...
...exactly what I was thinking...
...I was reading...
...I was thinking...

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The End