Foreword from: EKKO - Book I - White Limousine (second edit) by Johnny Walker

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He remained unnoticed for the most part, lingering in an area that received little-to-no light—until a few patrons at the bar begin to sense his menacing stare. As they turned toward the stranger, their friendly expressions took flight and their faces became cold and unresponsive. Other customers picked up on the distraction and they, too, stopped socializing and began looking his way—enticed by his mysterious confidence. The chain reaction spread through the lounge like a virus, with the patrons now standing in collective silence; staring at the shadowed man...anticipating his next move.
In that breath of hesitation, a wave of darkness swept through the room and dampened the vibrant airwaves, seizing every last timbre of sound in its unseen grasp and dragging the trendy decibels away. But before the fleeting trail of silence could settle in, a riveting force of hypnotic, sound waves began traveling upwards through the floor; invading the club with an unearthly flow of haunting, rhythmic surges.
Captured by the pulsating grip, the crowd became defenseless and they began to laugh hysterically—vivaciously turning towards each other and bursting out with excitement. In no time at all the tonal enchantment had them dancing in circles with their arms high in the air, cheering as though the Berlin wall had just come crashing down.
As the musical phenomenon brought the crowd to an almost orgasmic peak, the pulsating began to dissipate and slowly release the patrons from its spell. Muscles in their bodies withered as customers' heads leaned forward and backward; knees began to buckle and people started to collapse.
The dark man watched CJ from across the room. He maintained his devious poise —unaffected...until the last few club-goers plunged to the ground. As the dark man became visible...

CJ's cell phone rang.