The Battle at Murkey River by David Teal

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The Battle at Murkey River

"It never rains in the stories." Cale angrily stated. The rain had begun to fall an hour ago and it looked like it was going to keep at it for awhile. Cale Abdur sloshed his way toward the command tent with his friend and comrade Tomas Blue.
"You know, in all those songs and grand stories when you hear about war and glory, it never rains." Cale told Tomas.
A smile crept across the tall man's face. "Heh, you know you're right! Every time someone tells you about the glories of battle they forget to mention that part!"
The two soldiers approached the command tent where they were relieving the evening guards. Tonight the two friends had the duty of guarding the large tent that stood in the middle of the camp. Inside the general and his captains would discuss strategies for the upcoming campaign. Cale hoped that maybe he'd catch some of the discussion, anything to help pass the time.
"You think they plan on marching us soon Cale?" Tomas asked.
"If they were smart they wouldn't. Crossing that river after this week's rains would be suicide. Plus you know Minner will have something waiting for us over there." Cale responded. His friend just nodded in agreement.
Cale and Tomas were both dressed in their full armor and many of the other soldiers joked that the two could be twins. Besides Tomas being a few inches taller and a few pounds lighter the two did look very similar. Besides that burly unibrow the fool refuses to shave off, we almost look like cousins, me being much more attractive of course. Cale thought to himself with a wry smile
Tomas glanced over to see his sheepish grin. "What you smiling at Cale?"
"Just thinking how stupid you look in this uniform Blue." He said to his friend.
"Please.... You know they put me on guard duty with you to balance out that awful looking face of yours" Tomas replied with a grin.
"The Other burn you! You wish you were half as pretty as me!" Cale shot back.
The two friends were both 22 years of age. They had both joined the Gildian army four years back to partake in what was now being called the Three Corner War. Both had heard the grand stories of glory and triumph that storytellers and performers shared in the local taverns and inns. They had been read the tales of mighty warriors like Mace the Great and Alifer the Blessed when they were children. Hoping to become famous like all the great story heroes, they had enlisted and marched off to war.
Unfortunately, it seemed the stories only told the highlights of war. They failed to mention the blood, death, and disease that went on or the screams and stench of the dying when these so called "epic wars" are fought. Both Cale and Tomas had witnessed their fare share of pain and suffering and had long since abandoned their dreams of glory. The goal now was staying alive.
"About time you got here Blue!" One of the guards outside the tent yelled as Cale and his friend as they approached.

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