A Robotic Romance by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: B.A.S.I.C. Unit 1111 or Ames has been going over a few things in his...processor. When you have never experienced love how do you know you are feeling it now.

Ames stood at a table several feet from the door, a drink in his hand. He looked at it some more and wondered why he even bought it. He reviewed his internal clock, 1300 standard Earth hours. He lifted the news pad up and glanced at it some more. He heard the door ring and he looked up, it was just another person. He reviewed his clock again, 1301 standard Earth hours, she was late. He looked out the window; there she was standing on the other side of the street. He stopped worrying about everything else. She started to cross the road, he admired how her legs strode in an erratic pattern, how her simulated hair would move exactly as real hair would, and it was approximately 5 nanometers longer than the day before. She was Sedna, the first human android made to simulate almost everything about a human. She entered the coffee shop and went to the front counter.

"Morning Sedna, your usual?" asked the barista. She smiled and nodded. Sedna would usually come in order a regular cup of coffee two creams no sugar, Ames knew it well. He had never experienced such feelings before, mostly because he never opted for that upgrade during primary assembly, but last week he had reached the peak of his understanding of the world around him so now he wanted to experience another world, an emotional world. Only one hour after downloading the necessary programs he saw Sedna. She was on display outside Gentech's corporate offices; she was their newest advancement in android technology. She was the pride and joy of Gentech, and that made her part of the problem. Gentech was the rival company of the Michael Byrd Company, the company that created the B.A.S.I.C. robots, along with several other types of robots. He knew that she was the enemy but he couldn't help but fall in love. She was the optimal size and gender for him, there was also something he couldn't quite put is microprocessor on. She got her coffee and turned around; Ames raised his news pad covering his face. That didn't help because he was the only robot in the shop. She acted like she didn't notice, but she did. He looked up and saw her take a sip on her coffee. She looked at him, and winked.

Ames started to panic. "Did she just wink at me? Does she like me? Was it me she was winking at," his mind raced. He started to get really nervous. His hand began to shake, his eye ports flashed almost uncontrollably. He composed himself, sat down his coffee, and quietly left at top speed. After going to the outskirts of the city, he felt sure that he had gone far enough to avoid embarrassment, and headed back to his apartment. He entered the room and relaxed his servos in the chair. He looked out the window, somewhere in that city was the woman of his dreams. She had been built to specifications, and that was good enough for him. He plugged himself into the wall and powered down.

When he had fully recharged, he powered up and checked the time, 0600, it was time to go to work. He rolled up to the door and noticed a letter caught in the slot. He pulled it out, it was sealed and signed with only the imprint of lips.

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