And There Was Light by Chris Harris

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SUMMARY: As Earth Humans begin to outgrow their planet they are (helped) along by forces already resident in the spaces that they are moving into.

And There Was Light

We as a race, were the essence of eternity. But there was only ever one race, which like time itself was both infinite and finite. All creatures and all time were merely parts of their respective wholes. For as a second might regard a minute as impossible, so does the cell of a greater being regard itself as independent.
Such are the spheres of existence. Every thought and deed a mirror to another as all that could ever be, both was and wasn't. These were the spirals of reality from eternal space to the single point, from that which had always been, to that which had never existed; it was the paradox of truth.
As individuals we reigned forever. We were part of all things from a single grain of sand to the mightiest star in a distant galaxy. Metals, inter-stellar radiation, trees and even so called "living creatures"; all were composed of parts of ourselves. We as the sub-atomic life-stuff of the universe, were the souls of eternity.
Evolution for us was a cancer. Our most distant sensory components were the free atoms in space and within planets. They gave us awareness of our self as a whole and were part of the functioning universal body.
Slowly they would group together and evolve. Those that joined and formed into "living creatures" became dead cells in the universal body and no longer functioned. Later as the creatures advanced and expanded they would invariably stumble upon ourselves and then have to undergo re-absorbtion.
Re-absorbtion was an extremely traumatic affair. The science of the dead cell creatures would give them interstellar travel. Such immense linear velocities exposed them to the reality of their universe as the multi-layered time and space matrix that it was. In an instant they would have to face immortality and life as pure energy beings; they had discovered god.
God was in fact us. As the cancer of their birth spread through our ranks, so did their eventual rebirth replenish our numbers. Evolution was turning full circle from gods to living creatures and back to gods.
Overseeing re-absorbtion was an endless task. The supply of evolving dead cell cultures was as numerous as the stars that bore them. To halt the process of atoms forming into cells and so to living creatures was an ecological impossibility. All that we could do was to try and supervise their rebirth.
How stubborn and blind they all were. None of them wanted our help and at least half refused to accept our existence at all. Disbelief would precede suspicion, which in turn bred hostility, leading eventually, and in some cases spontaneously, to all out war.
No formula existed to lessen the blow. No matter what approach we took, the outcome was always the same. Yet to leave them to their own devices and to let them run amok alongside us, was tantamount to suicide. We had no choice but to try and help the helpless.
One such race presented us with new problems. They were not quite at the intervention stage, but their sciences were so abhorrent as to warrant an early re-absortion.

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