LIFE FACTORY by Chris Harris

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SUMMARY: The central figure in this story roams the earth as an energy force only, having no body of its own. This presence has the ability to "merge" with creatures who do have bodies and it is these encounters that are dealt with in this tale.

Life Factory

Here comes one. I wonder what he's thinking about. He's got to be around twenty-seven I suppose and the smart casual dress gives a hint of lower clerical day duties. As he approached I got ready to merge with him and soon I'd begin to experience his mind.
As he passed my seated position on the garden wall, I rose and at once was part of him, as he walked on oblivious to my arrival. He would not have seen me sitting there and would have no idea of my invasion of his inner most feelings.
As one now, we continued along the road and towards his work place. God, was this a reluctant worker. His head was full of resentment and he truly hated the need to slave every day to support himself. Every step on the pavement reflected an intense displeasure at both the shock of having risen so early, and the agonies awaiting him at the office.
In an effort to find solace in his enforced predicament, he was trying to find highlights that would or might occur during the day. One such tool was the clock at five that would signal his release, and another was the new girl Sharon, whose legs were an oasis in the desert of despair.
"What the hell am I doing with my life", he said almost out loud. "I've got loads of interests and I'm full of life, yet every day I've got to suffer that dump".
His mind was wandering off to his passion for astronomy, and I felt his yearning to be employed at an observatory. He knew that such posts were only for the chosen few. He also knew that his poor school grades had never stood him a chance of ever being an astronomer; but his love of the stars was real, and would remain so forever.
Slowly his thoughts turned to music, and to the chances of success likely to favour the endeavours of the band he played in. For years he'd worked in his own time to try and make it in the music business. Some success had been tasted and there would be more no doubt in the future.
This guy though was a realist. He understood that he'd never be able to earn a living doing anything interesting, that was the way of the world. He would continue however to try with his music, it was the dream that kept him sane every day.
A speeding heavy goods vehicle trundled by and invaded our thoughts. How he hated the rat race. "Everybody charging around all bloody day doing sod all worth doing". Maybe I'll finish that novel I'm writing; he thought. There must be something I can do.
Coming towards us was a middle-aged businesswoman. Time to swap minds again I thought, the contrast would be fascinating. No need to waste any more time inside this mans head. The only thing wrong with him was the world in which he lived.
Here she was now. As the man and woman passed each other, I moved from his mind to hers. Instantly I was walking back up the street I'd just walked down. Moments ago I was a piece of twenty seven year old debris. Now I was a forty nine year old high-flying business moron.
Her skirt flapped loosely about in the breeze. I felt quite undressed to be honest.

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