Odinforce! by David Scholes

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Neandarr, the teacher, the last surviving Elder of the Multiverse, looked out among the few stars.

With him were his students, just a few human children, a very select group, and the last sentient beings that would ever be born.

"Please tell us Elder," pleaded one of them "of the first of the time wars."
"Also of the second Multiverse war," pleaded another student,
"And the third time war," requested yet another child.

"No account of those wars," replied the Elder, "indeed no account of the history of the Multiverse, can be complete without mention of that which the gods called the Odinforce." "Nor the Thorforce that succeeded it and the Magniforce that succeeded the Thorforce."

The few children fell silent, just as children throughout history had fallen silent at the mention of these great names, these great forces for good. Their small faces filled with awe and wonder. All the more so because these children knew the ancient one before them had first hand experience of that of which he spoke.

Where can I start? thought the venerable one knowing that the stories of All father Odin, All father Thor, and the mighty Magni, Thorson had been distorted over time. He would separate the fact from the fiction. The actual events from the less substantial myths and legends that had grown from them. These of the "last born" had a right to know.


"The first of the great inter-temporal wars was a direct challenge by the dark fates, and those who followed them, to the authority of the then Times Guardian" began the Teacher, his mind drifting back into that inconceivably distant past.

The Elder recalled how after the now moment wave was destroyed; Times Guardian himself had asked the gods of Asgard for help. How great Odin holding the spear gungir and the mighty Thor the hammer mjolnir had called forth the mother of all time storms. How they had become as one with it and, with Time's guardians help, thwarted the assault on time.

At the mention of the hammer of Thor, the greatest weapon ever known to have existed anywhere, the children moved closer together. Not in fear but in total awe.

A great pride grew within the Elders breast as he related the histories. Unlike his fellow Elders, Neandarr, youngest of his ilk, had called Odin, Thor, Magni, and others of the gods of Asgard friend.


Neandarr remembered the first of the Multiverse wars. An immensely destructive and yet inconclusive conflict. Afterwards there was a hiatus during which the gods and cosmic powers re-gathered their strengths. The so called second Multiverse war was really a continuation of the first. Yet the surviving cosmic and abstract powers had been more cunning. Waiting until the Odin sleep before commencing hostilities. The mighty Thor had been able to protect his sleeping father during the conflict.

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