Tears of an Android by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: Staalia is a humanoid escort robot who has been serving clients for several years but has had a nagging doubt in the back of her mind. After a close encounter with her own mortality she has to get out, but getting out is over 9000 light years away.

She wanted to look into his eyes, but he didn't want her to. She stared at the exact same patch of wall she always did, and it looked like it always did. The smooth stainless steel wall had a slight dent in it, most likely from installation. She could feel the client begin to finish, he was picking up speed and his heart was beating twice as fast. There was no love, just sex. The concept of love has always escaped her, there is no love in this world, there is only client after client. As sophisticated as she was she knew she was nothing more than a simple machine, but a coy smile was always put on just before meeting the new one. There has been no client leaving her room unsatisfied, but there was always someone inside the room who would remain unsatisfied. She began to feel excess pressure on her left wrist until the servos in her hand broke. She didn't flinch because this client didn't like the woman to show pain, and he was almost to climax. This was the third wrist to be broken this year, the clientele were getting rougher.
The client finished, she turned her head to see him digging his face into her breasts. He looked up and thanked her with a spit in the face. He smirked as she wiped the spit off her cheek. He went into the bathroom to clean up and she put on some clothes. The view out the window was actually the best part of this job. The city was beautiful at this time of night, she could even see the horizon, which is pretty rare for most buildings. The cars flying by couldn't see in through the windows, they were one way view windows. She continued staring out the window until the client came out of the bathroom. He chuckled a little as he came out of the bathroom.
"You did good, oh wait, you didn't do anything. HAHAHAHA!" He continued laughing out the door. She didn't like Vurtians, they tend to be...cruel. She went over to the intercom and messaged the floor boss, "Hey Kripsin, no more clients for this evening, I've got a broken wrist servo."
Kripsin messaged back, "Alright you take this evening off but be back before midnight, you've got a special client coming in." Staalia rolled her eyes. A special client was nothing more than a fat Grorrgan. Staalia began to head out the door when she noticed herself in the mirror, she still looked like a Vurtian. She adjusted her head, changed her skin color, and retracted her hair. She looked like her old self, human except for the completely black eyes, hairless head, and gray skin. The GA-GA models of escorts have a humanoid adaptability making them ideal for large galactic city such as Vega. Staalia went to the repair ward, inside were chairs underneath giant repair rigs. The room was barren and cold, no organics allowed, this was also more of a lounge for the robots. Another escort, an older model, was getting her chassis rewired. Her name was Emma-131, a Vegan model, she was Staalia's best friend.
"HEY STAALIA! How's it going?" She waved and hopped around, almost ruining her wiring. Staalia took the seat next to Emma, the repair rig began scanning her settling on her wrist.

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