Her Name was Far off Land by Otilia Tena

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SUMMARY: A woman in love with another woman.

Her name was "Far off Land"

"There is someone in our room, someone I brought with me", Unna said.
"You brought someone with you?"
"Yes... I don't know if it's a man or a woman... such a lovely creature..."
This is how everything had begun. If only she hadn't saved that lovely woman... Unna recollected each possible step, however subtle, that had finally lead her to the gates of herself. She remembered how she hid and threw away the food that Alfarr's mother used to bring and how she was cursed. Then she came across Far off Land and took her home. Far off Land slept with Alfarr and Unna beat her almost to death but still wouldn't let her go. She took pity on her to see how frail and delicate she was. Yet there was this inviting femininity, inducing either extreme tenderness or cruelty in men and women alike. At times Unna felt she could have even mistreated this woman.
Far off Land took her by the hand and turned her head to look at Unna as they walked along. They entered a candle lit place and it smelled like roses.
"Roses! Are they for me?"Unna asked.
"Yes, all of them!"
"On what occasion?"
"Can you open the bottle, please? Thank you." Far off Land said to herself: "She smiles like when she is happy".
"On what occasion?"
"Well, yesterday I wanted to cook some vegetables in the frying pan and I was stirring into the pan, you know, and suddenly I realized I hadn't lit the fire... because I was thinking of you".
Unna took the cork and put it into the garbage basket. Then she said:
"Let me think... you thought of me... when was it? I must remember what I was doing then, it's the telepathy".
"No, that wasn't what I meant, Unna!"
"No? Then what did you mean?"
"I mean... I'd like to seduce you".
"Seduce me?" Unna smiled. "Why?"
"Because... you stirred up a gallant knight inside me... I look at you now and my urgent need is to protect you..."
"Now that we're having this intimate discussion, I must tell you I don't have fantasies with women. I feel attracted to everything manly and only men can satisfy me. I love manhood and all the force it brings about and I'm so in love with my husband! I once tried something with a woman... she was very sensuous... she made the proposal and we went to her room but... I didn't like it. I remembered how I kissed my hand when I was little but it meant something then... It was like kissing myself".
"Forgive me, Unna, I may have misinterpreted your hints. Your glances... forgive me but they were so languishing... your smile..."
"I am a joyful person, a playful pixie as you call me. I laugh and have fun with everyone. Far off Land, I'm sorry! I hope you won't suffer too long".
"For you it's worth suffering".
She said that and pressed her lips on Unna's wrist.
Unna felt empty now. How can you fill an empty chest? She remembered that children are often capable of more ruthless misdeeds than grown-ups. They run to the wounded butterfly that distracted them from playing and shake the dust off its wings to make sure it won't fly again.