The Last Furione - Chapter 10 by Edwina Smith

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SUMMARY: Max Gueverra is attractive, 5"11, has long, jet-black hair and is extremely dangerous. Follow her story as she battles through betrayal, forgiveness, love and hate. Combines the ideas of Underworld, L. K. Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong. Please don't sue!

In the morning, the smell of cooking food woke me. I got up and followed the scent trail, which led to the kitchen. I froze when I passed a mirror in the hall outside the kitchen and saw that I hadn't changed out of my sleep shirt or done anything with my hair. Damn.

I stood there debating whether to return to my room and change or just go and get some food. Luckily, the decision was made for me when a man with black, shoulder length hair opened the door. It was the man from yesterday in the training room.

‘You know, you can come in if you want' he invited. His hair was raven black like mine and he had lovely, chocolate-brown eyes.

‘Um... Ok.' I replied shyly. He held the door for me and I walked through. The kitchen was nice and open with a large table that sat around 15 people at one time. I walked over to it and sat in one of the chairs.

He asked me if I wanted some pancakes, because he was making some for himself, so I agreed to try some. He brought them over with some maple syrup - the real stuff - and ham. He sat down opposite me and we started to eat.

‘So, you're the new girl. You and Clay make a good couple. What do you think?'

I blushed, looked down and tried to change the subject. ‘These pancakes are really nice.'

He smiled. ‘Thanks. My name's Jason, by the way. Jason Dawyers.'

‘Max Gueverra' I replied. 'Raze mentioned you before... Are you really Furion?'

'Yep. I'm a Fire type, like you.'

'Really?' I asked excitedly.

The letters 'really' appeared beore my eyes in a fiery scrawl and Jason grinned.

'No need to show off.' I grumbled. He laughed.

'It's gotten me into lots of firefights with Clay.'

'So, you're friends?'

'Have been since he came. Well, If you call him bossing me around every second of the day being friends... then yes.' he replied with a grin. 'Although he'll probably play nice for you.'

'Not you too!' I exclaimed. 'First Alcide and now you! What's everyones problem?'

'You'll see. So, is it Max as in Maxine? Or...'

‘No, Just Max.' I answered, glad with the change of subject. Why was everyone fixated on this idea of Clay and me - when I didn't even know him well!

‘That's a funny name for a girl, isn't it?'

‘Your point? Anyway, Raze is a strange name for any person.'

He laughed. ‘I suppose.'

As if on cue, Raze entered the kitchen but he was not alone. Lucian was with him. I looked down at my food and stabbed at it with my fork, ignoring Lucian.

Raze sat next to Jason and shot me a puzzled look to which I just shook my head. He frowned.

‘I saw you fight Clay yesterday. You were both very good' Lucian said, trying to start a conversation. I just shrugged and continued to eat my food, not acknowledging him fully. He crouched down so his head was level with mine next to me and put a hand on my shoulder. I tensed. ‘Max, I know how you must feel right now and you...'

He didn't get to finish the sentence because I whipped my head round to face him and in a voice filled with so much hatred and venom, with a little fear, I interrupted him.

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