Tale of the Octey by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: This the short history of the Octey people, as told by one of them, Sara Clarang.

Far on the other side of the galaxy lies my planet, Octia, It is the fourth planet from the sun located in the Var cluster. Octia is similar to Earth in atmosphere and geological content but with a higher percentage of surface water. The northern continents held most of my people in huge cities that towered over the landscape. I never saw the planet; I grew up on the colony ship of Pride of Octia in Earth Year 1890. My people had to escape the planet because of the threat of enslavement. The Florshians were ruthless barbarians who descended from the heavens and began taking over. Our colony ship was built from the remnants of the Florshian ships that were downed during the retaliation. There was no hyper-drive, but there was enough room to hold over 3 million Octey. As they left orbit the Florshian battle fleet arrived and lay siege to the northern continents, I found out later that they killed everyone. For over 500 years we traveled in the same direction bouncing from planet to planet looking for any that could sustain our new civilization. Our population grew to over 5 million when we found an ancient junkyard and built two more ships. The main ship was called The Pride of Octia, the other two were The Hope and The Spirit. We split up and searched the stars. In Earth Year 1995 we arrived at Earth and found a primitive culture and began to move on when we were hailed by a small craft. The transmission was from Mr. Michael Byrd and he offered us a home on the smaller planet named Mars, it only needed a little work done to it. Prime Matron Harthrang declined and offered help to the human race. He declined as well but added that if any of us wished to stay on Earth he would be happy to help. I was the only one to step forward. I had grown tired of the ship and wished to stay in one place. Mr. Byrd took me in and I became his personal assistant and I would eventually be in charge of his company, if only for a short time, but in charge none the less. As for my people... I lost contact with them in Earth Year 2011, I believe they went through the wormhole they just before I lost contact but there were also reports of Ashiians destroying a colony ship, I don't know though. I hope that this small entry into the species database is enough because I don't have an entire history.

Contribution Date: September 29, E.Y. 2056.

Contributor: Sarahvatrailixorr "Sara" Clarang

Species: Octey

Submitted to the Michael Byrd Presidential Library Hall of Records.