Old House2 by Joe Moler

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SUMMARY: Old House

The Old House

Soar empty day. Realizing that I have nothing else to do I decided to go out for a walk down the Bleaker Street all the way to the Myrtle Street, and while I was passing near some storage places and through the park, I found myself in front of the old house on which on one of broken windows was mounted small sign saying: "Apartment For Rent".

"A fool that doesn't have what to do would rather look at his balls.... "

I pushed the doorbell and heard someone shouting : "I am coming!...,What the hell are you pressing that bell three times already, I am not deaf, you know!"

The shouting guy didn't appear to be a very happy person whatsoever. He probably wanted to rent an apartment so that one day, when the entire thing collapses, he wouldn't be alone beneath the ruins of his house. When he already fucked himself over by living in a place like this, he is probably looking to find someone to join him and earn some money in the process.

"I am coming already, would you stop pressing the fucking doorbell".

Although he was still shouting he still did not appear at the front entrance. I was waiting for him and, while waiting, I stepped away to the sidewalk and then all the way to the street, so that I would be able to take a better look at the house. The house was so pathetic looking that even the 1945 Hiroshima ruins looked better. The chimney was almost at its collapsing point while the wooden planks covering the house were rotten, cracked and fallen, therefore revealing the tiny wooden construction of the house. Some one hundred years-old insulation from beneath was threatening to jump all the way to the sidewalk. Some windows were closed while some were covered with twisted lesonit panels that had cracks through which coldness, rain and snow were penetrating the house.

Among one of the windows that had a ripped curtain covering it, a head of a dog appeared. He was looked sadly without emotions. It was obvious that he was old and that he didn't care about anything. His owner probably didn't take him for a walk today although his intestines can't wait to take a dump, while his bladder might have already worked its way to the house floor. The dog was looking at me, and I was looking at him, poor thing, he looked so sad. At first it looked as if he had no emotions and looked lifeless, but the longer I looked at him the more I was able to see enormous dog's sorrow and the dead end that he was placed in.
"Hey nice boy", I tried to communicate with the dog and to give him a smile hoping to remove that sad look on his face. I failed. I tried to talk to him, to produce some gestures but the dog was motionless and without any hope to even bark at me, as a friend or foe, but still not even to bark at me.

"I am coming man, stop pressing that fucking bell or else I will take my shotgun and fill your ass with shells as if you were a rabbit."

After that I noticed that I must have jammed the doorbell when I pressed it the first time so it was ringing unstoppably the whole time.

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