Rendezvous on Crandr by Roy Neyman

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Then the eyes would snap open and, plink, a new aspect of the universal puzzle would coalesce into the four-dimensional grid, distinctive with the bright green signature wavelengths of its race. Oddly, the symbols would abut none of the ones the others had contributed either physically or temporally, but the logical connections would soon become apparent and the intervening blanks could be filled in, sometimes completing whole sectors of the intergalactic database. Yes, X'snit had to deliver this Human safely back home.

The first glimmer of a new Iowa dawn was the only witness to Gladiola hovering near a big, white farm house. Her humming warp drives were barely audible over the rustling corn field that stood restless in the breeze within fifty yards of the back door. Her yellow hull with its black polka dots was swathed to invisibility in a pulsing silver glow. X'snit waved his purple digital fronds in an intricate dance over the control screen, not unlike Scott Joplin playing the Maple Leaf Rag on a huge iPad, but upside down and backwards. The blue cylinder shifted to snap into its port on the side of the ship and a white light within showed an intense glare through the view plate. A ghostly beam projected from the side of the craft, exciting the moths and dust in its path into frantic life as it bathed the window below in a large disk of light. Everything that was illuminated, ...window, siding, curtains, everything... dissolved from sight to reveal a cozy room within. The woolen covers on the bed were pulled back neatly and Buzz Light-year rested calmly, face down by the pillow. The detritus of a 12 year old country boy was scattered about the room, suspended from the ceiling, and thumb-tacked to the walls.

David, rigid and cold looking as a lemon popsicle in puppy dog flannel pajamas, slipped smoothly down the shaft of light, bare feet nestling precisely at the foot of the bed as the covers slithered up to embrace him, warm against the night. The stiffness melted from his limbs and the pallor faded from his face as he rolled over, one youthful hand clutching for Buzz. The silver spots on David's temples faded from view as the beam withdrew, the wall and window rematerialized, and Gladiola flashed back into interstellar space.

Xenkrosnit was in a hurry. He couldn't stop thinking of Rrrr.