Fallen by Michael Tesluk

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SUMMARY: Earth had fallen to an advanced alien race. A man goes to a field where the creatures select people for 'harvesting'. A group of local policemen ambush the aliens and you'll have to read to know the rest.


Colin Faust slowly slipped into a windbreaker before leaving his empty house. He was again reminded of the emptiness of his childhood home as he left without needing to say goodbye to anyone. It was only the third week since the Landing, but his parents and kid brother had been taken days ago. He locked the front door, wondering why he bothered to. No one left their houses anymore, except to be taken by the..... Colin shivered.
The day was misty and wet. It had been raining ever since the Landing, but Colin hadn't the slightest idea why. Perhaps it was the sky weeping for the fate of humanity. He involuntarily looked up, searching for the massive ship that hovered thousands of feet above the sky. It wasn't an atypical saucer shape, but instead was sleek and bulbous. The sky was overcast with the weeping clouds and Colin saw nothing.
He walked along empty streets, glancing at the empty homes. He passed a destroyed Bellevue police cruiser. It had a massive hole in its hood and was scorched black. The police had attempted to resist the invasion, but they didn't stand a chance.
He walked for twenty minutes before reaching the nearby high school. There was a massive crowd already formed, with people clutching children and men trying to appear brave. Fear gripped Colin as he joined the crowd. He did not wish to be selected. He didn't recognize anybody, but it had been years since he lived here. He had only returned to visit his family for a week before he returned to New York.
The crowd slowly filed past a row of classrooms before moving onto a broad athletic field. The people crowded around a lined football field in the center, as if they were about to watch a sporting event. The field wasn't a stadium, so the people stood on the wet grass. Their eyes were to the sky as they watched for the first sign of the Harbingers. They didn't have to wait long. A roar quickly built in the sky and three ships flickered into view with the briefest flash of blue light. People gasped and cried out in fear as the ships descended and landed. Their hulls were sleek and curved, with several protrusions that Faust assumed were weapons. They had no visible cockpit, but seemed to be propelled by glowing blue engines on their bellies and sterns. Each was about the length of a school bus and a little wider. The crowd hushed and became silent, except for the quiet and muffled cries of fear. The ships opened simultaneously at the nose of their sleek fuselages until the opening touched to the ground. Colin felt fear grip him again, and stifled a sudden urge to vomit. A deep bellow blasted from the ships. As one, the people lowered themselves to their knees and bowed their heads. Colin shut his eyes, fearful that the Harbingers would find his wandering gaze.

Fifty yards away, thirteen pairs of eyes peered through binoculars and scopes at the ships. Sergeant Tom Morrell of the Bellevue Police Department and 12 other officers and county sheriff deputies had hidden inside the classrooms that overlooked the athletic field.
Morrell was a twenty year veteran of the force and the years hadn't treated him well.

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