love is what makes happiness by nathan singer

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SUMMARY: A kids fantasy comes true when the world is threatened and the love of his life is in danger, true love shows its true colors when it comes to the end of the world

I never knew what love was but does anyone really know. My definition of love is a strong feeling for a person you care about the most. The person you love is the person you would do anything in the world. No matter what happens in your life the love another is the most priceless thing anyone can give. I want to tell a story how in my life love changed and helped me overcome many challenges. The challenges I faced were very rough and the love that kept me going was very little. The person that I loved was in love with someone else but that did not matter to me much because I knew she was happy and the best happiness is the happiness of the one you care about. The love I felt for her was enough to get me up and going, but I knew that my heart would be in pain for years to come.

I do not normally tell people my story of how love changed my life for the better but I feel like I should tell you. Love was not the only thing that changed my life. The human race was threatened and it was up to me to stop it. The best thing that could ever happen to me is when a weird looking device fell from the sky and my life changed so dramatically it would never be the same again. That is when I knew that my life would be very different.

My story begins in the summer before my eighteenth birthday. It was one month before I turned eighteen and I was very excited. It was a cold morning when I got to school. I love the cold and people thinking I am crazy. I normally don't eat breakfast or lunch but I love to sit and talk to my friends. My first period was English, which is a class I am close to failing. Anastasia offered to help me with my classes so at lunch she helps me when she is not busy. In first we have to write poems which are my weakest subject. It was free writing so I decided to write a poem of how I felt.

If only you knew I love you
That is why my heart weeps,
If you were to find out
I would not shout
If you were to leave
My heart would grieve

I am not very good at writing poems but I love to write. Writing makes me feel better so when I write I guess I go into my own little world. There way I feel right now I have felt since the begging of the semester. I finished my poem and the bell ran for the class to end. The next two periods was extremely boring. My fourth period was better, we had a test and I was about eighty percent I passed. The teacher collected the tests and I felt very happy because I struggle a lot on his tests but this one was different. It was lunch time now and I was so happy because I got to hang out with my best friend Anastasia.

It was time for fifth and I started to have an asthma attack just before I got to the door. I pullout my inhaler and took two puffs. I could feel the air returning to my lungs. I walked in to class and it was like no one even noticed what happened so I asked if I could sit out for the day. The teacher told me that he would take off some points from my grade but would let me stay in. I wish my asthma would just go away. While I was sitting I thought about what will happen if I were to die of an asthma attack, would anyone care or would they just turn away and forget I even existed.

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