KNIGHTS OF RHUN - THE KNIGHT (story 1) by Rowan Walton

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SUMMARY: When the knight of an evil king comes to realise his mistake he does everything he can to make amends. (PLEASE PASS COMMENT ON THIS STORY)


"So why are you here?" she asked the annoyance telling in her voice.
"To keep you safe" I replied.
"Why, are we not all deemed enemies of Your King?"
Your King, the words were like daggers ripping at my heart. Yes, he was my king and yes I had served him without question; but now my eyes were open to his evil.
Lifting my head I looked directly at the woman sitting on the throne, guilt weighing heavily on me. "It is true you are deemed enemies of the king. As you are well aware I served him for many years without question. Never once did I hesitate while carrying out his orders. Never once did I show disloyalty to his crown. Yet here I kneel before you ashamed of what I have done in his name. Ashamed that is has taken me so long to realise just how evil a man he is. And yet kneeling here with this new found clarity I can see just how a knight can become blinded to his evil ways. You see your majesty it is the oath every knight must make to his liege. It is this oath that binds and holds a knight, keeping him loyal in his liege's service. I know this is no excuse and yes it shames me to say this but it does look like the knights in the kings service have all but forgotten the part of the oath where they swore to protect the weak, the defenceless, the helpless, and to fight for the general welfare of all those in needed there protection. Don't get me wrong Queen Branwyn; I do not presume to think you incapable of protecting your people but it is now my sworn oath to protect you."
"Even from Your King?"
"Yes your majesty even from him."
With a sigh of relief she broke down, dropping her stern facade "Oh thank you Sir Lucien" she said as she began to weep uncontrollably.
I felt compelled to reach out to the queen. Taking her in my arms I held her close for what seemed like an age. "Come now your majesty, no need to cry" I whispered softly in her ear. I knew I had over stepped my station as it was not appropriate behaviour for one so lowly born as myself to be embracing one of such noble birth. I expected the queen to come to her senses any minute and push me away. Instead her gript tightened as she pulled me closer to her, squashing her perfectly rounded breasts to my chest. I began to feel aroused by her closeness to me, the smell of lavender from her hair, her chest heaving up and down against mine as she sob. The feel of her firm body was exquisite, especially for someone who had given birth twice. "Your majesty I need to address my men" I said prying myself from her grasp.


"We fight" shouted Robert Buckingham a knight from the neighbouring kingdom of Wenz.
Soon a chorus of shouting reverberated around the courtyard. The knights gathered there were baying for the king's blood. I stood there letting the noise level raise before I calmed them down. Looking down on these men, fellow knights who for their own reasons had gathered under my banner. Knights I hoped that too saw the king for what he was, evil. Together we would stand against his tyranny; together I hoped we would put an end to his reign of evil.

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