Parallel Parable by Patricia Todd

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SUMMARY: An ordinary girl, an extraordinary world !

Parrallel Parable

She gazed around her room. She now had two portals to the world. One called Dell and one called Toshiba.

The latest edition had a variety of modes ; TV, DVD, CD, Radio, more TV and an extra monitor if you connect it up to your PC.

There was however an extra portal in her room, but you could only access it if the light reflected in the glass properly – it was the mirror on her dressing table.

When she was whiling away her time in endless indoor days during the Winter months, she'd perfected the art of merging into her mirror and stepping right through to the exactly symmetrical world of her home.

Firstly you positioned yourself next to the mirror, as close as you could, then observing each object reflected back at you, noting how different yet familiar each piece of furniture or art was.

The room in the other world seemed to beckon her, as there was no-one there, not even her other self, as she cast only a shadow on the glass: This was no normal mirror after all.

Yearning to explore, she stretched her hand slowly, but was met with unyielding cold glass. There must be a way through. She thought a while and decided that the Dell could be transformed into two screens by linking the Toshiba to it by means of cables and some instructions tapped on screen, then similarly the same should apply to the mirror, only not with wires.
She thought a while longer and resolved the issue by acknowledging the fact that if you were a real person in the real world then an image of you, perfect in every respect and down to the last detail, would have to be generated and synthesised in the other world – a hologram.

This would be difficult as you would need 360 degree 3D map of the subject. Not wanting to take chances, she took an object that was inanimate - a rose made of material.

She arranged the rose in the centre of her room and by taking pictures of it from two different angles all the way round it, she produced a static hologram.

Excitedly, on her first attempt, she lined up the equipment and projected the image of the rose, the hologram she'd created, into the mirror and naturally enough through the surface of the mirror, and into the other world.

Here, in her world, she manipulated the image,and there in the mirror-imaged world, the rose moved too, but not in the same direction. Entranced, she played with the discovery, expanding her knowledge, as she tweaked and twirled the rose through various positions.

It was time . Inanimate was one thing, but flesh and blood was quite another. The equipment was lined up and activated and she stepped into the circle of light. She pirouetted until a screen announced that the procedure was complete. Stepping out of the field, she noticed that she'd become a little over-heated whilst standing in the field of instruments but perhaps that was to be expected, though curious as it was.

She lined up the instruments and projected her own newly created holographic image into the mirror.

There she was ! Herself occupying another dimension, where the laws that dominate our own world didn't hold sway.

The hologram moved, turning slowly toward her, as if also interested in a ‘twin' in the looking glass.

The hologram smiled and lifted a hand towards the mirror. A bolt of lightning arced from her hand, shot through the mirror and pierced the girl inventor through her opposite hand.

The replica came close to the mirror and observed the other world.

There , lying prone in the middle of a set of instruments, was a girl who looked curiously like her, but was melting.

Super-symmetry had its drawbacks !