Fate by robert langford

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It was just before dawn in the town of Vadal the sky was a pale gray and thick luminescence clouds hung over head. Drop by drop the first rain in well over a season started to fall. Sara who had been laying awake staring at the cracks Inn ceiling for well over an hour found her self lost deep in thought when she heard the tap of rain against the window. Rapping a thin sheet around her she eased herself out of bed her flowing red hair feel into her cleavage as she stood. Straying to the window the tail of the sheet drug along the wood floor behind her. From the second floor window Sara watched dozens of people run into the streets most still in their pajamas. They danced and playing in the streets like children. For them this was a sign of the end of a unusual and unseasonable dry season that had lasted months. A draft blew though the cracked window fame, the cold air sent goosebumps up her skin. Crossing her arms she tightened the sheet around her exposed breast. As she continued to watch though the window she found her self lost in thought,
How she envied them turning nineteen just the week before Sara had never felt the Rain on her skin or smelled the ocean air. It wasn't that she had lead a sheltered life in fact far from it she had grown up as wild and as free as any child could hope. It was just the way her people were, For her watching the rain seemed empty and with out propose, It only to deepen her sadness and Longing for things she had yet to experience.
Shutting the tattered red curtains Sara turned to go back to bed when a firm knock came at the door.

"Sara you up?" Came Ti's voice from the other side of the wood door.
"Getting up now actually." She said crossing the room to the door."
"Give me a few minutes to get ready OK?"
"Alright I'll be dawn stairs with David try to hurry."
"I will."

Listening to his foot steps as he walked down the hall Sara dropped the sheet as she gathered up the mess of cloths she left all the room the night before.

Down the hall and a single flight of stairs Ti sat tapping his hand on the sofa as he waited. Walking out of the kitchen carrying to steam cups David approached Ti his glasses steaming and slipping with every step.

"Here." He said handing the cup to Ti.
"What's this?"
"They call it Nusovo."
"Which means what?"
"I have no Idea but it smells good," David said taking a sip.

Ti placed the cup on his lap giving it time to cool. still continuing to tap his hand on the sofa he paused and looked at David who was now leaning against the wall next to him.

"We have twelve hours left." Ti said stress apparent in his voice.
"eleven and a half actually."
"Thanks that helps." Ti said sarcastically
"No it's my fault I am just worried. If we don't find that data sphere then everything will have been for nothing."
"Then we find it,"
"How?" Sara said leaning over the stairs railing.
"About time." Ti said raising to his feet to turn and look at her.
"A girl does have to look her best."

Ti was inclined to agree he found himself having trouble taking his eyes off her.

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