KNIGHTS OF RHUN - THE CHALLENGE (story 2) by Rowan Walton

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SUMMARY: This story is set 23 years after 'The Knight' A young knight sets out on a voyage of discovery saving the world along the way. (PLEASE PASS COMMENT ON THIS STORY)


"Fabien, Fabien"
Snapping to attention I saluted "Yes Knight Marshall Dewitt."
The newly appointed Knight Marshall of Rhun walked over, "at ease my boy", he said placing his arm around my shoulder. "I need a word" he said as he led me off to his office. Knight Marshall Delray Dewitt was a very good friend of Sir Phillipe de Maarden, the knight who raised me as his own. I in turn was very good friends with The Knight Marshall's son Deverick. Sir Phillipe de Maarden had fought alongside Dewitt and the Great Lucien at the defence of Aerilon Castle. From all the stories I had heard and books I had read regarding the great battle, it was these two knights Dewitt and de Maarden that had brought the news of Sir Lucien's death to his uncle and the Royal Crown of Rhun to the exiled queen.
"Fabien, I have an assignment for you and Deverick. Will the two of you please join me in my office after the queen's court?"
"Yes Knight Marshall."
So it would appear the Knight Marshall had a new assignment for us, I wondered what it was this time? Was Queen Ariana trying to keep me from Princess Iorwen or was it that little worm of a knight Sir Robert DeWilde?
Robert DeWilde was a snake in knight's armour as far as I was concerned. I did not like him nor did I trust him, especially when it came to the beautiful princess Iorwen. If not for the fact that he outranked me within the knightly order, I would have challenged him to a duel for her honour a long time ago. Sir Robert DeWilde was lucky as he came from very old money. Coupled with the fact his grandfather was a knight of Rhun and had stood with the legendary Sir Lucien during the defence for Aerilon Castle, and was seen as one of the saviours of Rhun. As for me, I was seen as a foreigner, invited to this land by the newly appointed Knight Marshall. Yes I was raised by Sir Phillipe de Maarden, Knight of Rhun, but it had been in the far off Kingdom of Amurea. Even being granted the de Maarden name and the titles, as well as having the approval of the High Council of Knights; I could not stand against his. I would need to prove myself in this land before I gained the respect of my fellow knights in Rhun.
At twenty three years of age I became the youngest Head Knight, but that was in my home Kingdom of Amurea. Uncle Leal, as I came to know him, was Head Knight of his family order. This order, known as the Knights of the White Rose, had been around since the birth of Amurea. During his last days before passing from a withering sickness, Sir Leal passed his mantel onto me. It was during my first meeting as the newly appointed Head Knight, that the older knights of the order voiced there unhappiness at the decision. Not yet an accomplished leader or an experienced knight, I understood there concerns. My appointment though nice and surprising threatened to split the order in two. I could not stand by and let that happen, so I voluntarily renounced the leadership, passing it instead to my guardian, Sir Phillipe de Maarden.

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