The Infinity Platform by David Scholes

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The Infinity Platform

The very distant future

The sleek, yet powerful, silver form of the cosmic enforcer, sliced through the timeless, endless, ethereal sea that lay beyond the Multiverse. Using his own unparalleled sensory perception he searched for his objective with increasing concern.

Even before his empowerment the Silver Surfer, it was said, could see fully one light year ahead. Since the time of that empowerment the noble one's already vast sensory capabilities had been still further enhanced. In sensory capabilities he had become a, much greater, cosmic version of the long dead Asgardian god once known as Heimdall.


The Infinity Platform has no space/time/dimension/reality coordinates. Its location is determined only by a tenuous link to the All Place - where all the different realities converge.

From atop the Platform it is possible to view both the past and the future. All of it, for all of the realities. To step off one edge of the platform is to be present at the very beginning of time. To step off the opposite edge is to be present at the other extreme, at Time's End. More, it is said, any entity atop the platform has only to wish it and they can be transported anywhere within the space/time/dimension/reality continuum.

Only a privileged few have ever stood upon the platform. Which is as it should be. The cosmic enforcer known as the Silver Surfer is one such. Again this is as it should be.

Yet now the Infinity Platform was gone beyond detection.

"If he cannot locate it," bespoke Eternity "then no one can." Uuaatu the Watcher simply nodded.

None of the great powers still in existence knew for certain the origins of the Infinity Platform. Though it was generally assumed to have been created by that which is above us all when that entity took his leave of us. A legacy which could be used by those with some responsibility for the Multiverse. To ensure no force had sought to interfere in the time stream in any of the realities.

Eternity and Uuaatu looked to the nearby multi-dimensional black hole, said to exist in all dimensions, which the Silver Surfer had entered. It was the only known means of entering the ethereal sea that lay beyond the Multiverse and the only place the Infinity Platform could possibly be.

Uuaatu cast his mind back many millennia ago to when the Silver Surfer had been elevated to great power status. An inevitable outcome that had, as far as the race of Watchers were concerned, been long. long overdue. The Universe, nay the Multiverse needed the Silver Surfer and more they needed him at his present power level.

Uuaatu came out of his reverie to behold the awesome sight of the Silver Surfer emerging triumphant from the massive gravitational well of the multi-dimensional black hole. In tow behind him, held in the Surfer's quasi tractor beam was the Infinity Platform itself.


Eternity and the Silver Surfer stood together upon the great platform now returned to its rightful place.

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