Crisis of Infinite Byrds Part 1 by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: Michael Byrd, President of the United Galactic Alliance, C.E.O. and Founder of The Michael Byrd Company, and all around cool dude has to face an evil far greater than any he will ever face. Thankfully though he has some friends to help him out.

"We the United Planet Coalition do hereby surrender to..." The transmission was cut off by the destruction fleet obliterating the capitol planet Earth. The button was pressed by the leader of this fleet, Michael Byrd. He had traveled across four previous universes and destroyed the Earths in all of them. The Michael Byrd of this universe had died during the initial attack from a suicide mission to destroy the flagship, it was unsuccessful. The Michael Byrd that pressed the button now set his site on the next universe; the fires in his eyes were set to burn reality.

Michael sat up in his bed, the image beginning to vanish, and thought to himself, "Is it just a dream? Who was that? Was it me? Is it going to be me? What time is...OH CRAP I'M LATE!" Michael got out of bed and rushed around his house getting ready. He looked out the window to his yard or specifically his parents, the neighborhood was just rising as well, and a truck drove down a street over leaving a trail of dust behind it. The village of Leasburg was a small mid-western town with a population of less than 300. Michael has lived here for 20 years and has always called it home. After seeing that nothing was going on he went down the stairs and waited for the elevator. The elevator came out of the floor and opened up. This was actually quite unusual for this was not a distant future but actually 2010; this elevator was invented and made by Michael himself. Michael entered the elevator and pressed down, the elevator sealed up and plunged down into the Earth. After going down about 20 miles the walls of the shaft became clear and the entire underground city of Leasburg was visible. Michael never got tired of looking over the city he created so many years ago; in fact it was going to be 14 years next week. There wasn't much time to think about that now, the Vice President wanted to meet with him about the funding problems for the Light Year trains. The elevator descended into the building below; The Michael Byrd Company Head Quarters. The massive building looked out over the entire city and his office was on the top floor. The elevator stopped and the doors opened to a nice looking lobby with one desk next to some rather large doors. The woman sitting at the desk turned around, she had long purple hair, green skin, and several eyes.

She saw Michael and gave him an unpleasant look and held up the paperwork, "Quishna has been sitting in there for over 30 minutes with the budget committee and they are getting rather upset."

Michael grabbed the paperwork from her hand and smiled, "Come on Sara it's Quishna, he can't be mad at me because..."

She rolled most of her eyes and finished his sentence, "You saved his species from annihilation and became the best of friends I know, but that will only go so far if you keep being late!"

"And your lecturing isn't helping now is it?" He said with a smirk. She smirked back and motioned him to go in. He opened the big wooden doors and walked into the massive office.

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