Crisis of Infinite Byrds Part 1 by Michael Byrd

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The office circled the entire top floor and had the lobby in the interior. A massive bookshelf was on the inner wall while the outer wall was actually windows; the view offered by these windows was breathtaking to say the least. The budget committee was less than pleased with having to wait so long.

Vice President Quishna stood up to greet Michael. The Vice President was a Kantarian prince in line for the Imperial throne. He stood around five and a half feet with scaly brown skin and three eyes, his robes were elaborately decorated, and his wrists had large gold bracelets on them, "Mr. Byrd you are late to the meeting. Is there an excuse or should we just impeach you?"

"Now Quish' you know I have a busy schedule. Also I have an alarm that doesn't always go off on time." Retorted Michael. As he rounded the desk Quishna pulled him aside and whispered into his ear, "I know you want to keep living the normal life but you have to admit that you no longer have to keep up with the Earthling life."

Michael turned him around and placed both his hands on Quishna's shoulders, "I know this seems weird but living my life on the surface as well as below gives me perspective as well as a sense of stability. It's all for the better my friend, do not worry." Michael smiled and Quishna smiled in return. "Let's get this meeting started shall we?"

Several hours later the committee emerged from the office with their problem solved and Michael reassured as the best president in the galaxy. Once they had all left Michael turned back around towards Sara and made a bat swinging motion, "Out of the park. I have the funding on for the LY trains, now they're just 10 years from completion instead of 20. Who's da man?"

Sara rolled her eyes, "You are. Also you need to report to the observation lounge on Space Station One."

Michael asked, "Why?"

"Well apparently someone sealed it off and is allowing no one inside. Crews have tried to view it from the outside but the windows have been tinted opaque."

"Okay well call my car and tell it to meet me in my office in 5 minutes."

"Can do." Sara picked up the phone and dialed the number, "Yeah, Car? You need to get down here."

Shortly after leaving the office Michael reached outer space. He was approaching Space Station One when he signaled them, "SS One this is Car One requesting permission to dock."

"Car One this is SS One, you are cleared to dock in Bay One. Thanks for coming Mr. Byrd."

"No thanks needed, just doing my job."

After docking he headed up to the observation lounge. The lounge was at the top of the station and out on a long hallway and was surrounded by glass, the perfect place to view the Earth. Michael got to the door and started decoding the lockout sequence. After getting that done he walked out onto the lounge. There was one man sitting in a chair, he was facing away from Michael and towards the Earth. He began to speak with a British accent, "You are 10 minutes faster than every other one I've met, quite amazing to say the least.

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