A Robotic Romance Chapter 2: A Binary Date by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: Ames goes on his date with Sedna. Nothing could go wrong.

Ames arrived at The Gear at 18:58:32. There was no audible sound coming from inside the club. The bouncer was a rather large robot who was not letting anybody in. Whenever the door to the club would open, loud music came out. The club was completely sound proof. Ames rolled up to the door and the bouncer stopped him.

In a very robotic voice he asked, "YOU ARE NOT DESIGNATED TO ENTER!"

Ames began to shake a little, "Uh I'm meeting someone inside. Her name is Sedna...Sedna B.E.L.A. version 1.0."

The bouncer began to analyze the information and retorted, "HA. HA. YOU ARE OF INEFFICIENT STANDARDS TO BE WITH SEDNA." The bouncer then started getting a transmission and then begrudgingly let Ames in. The door to the club rose up as a big gear on the front of the building began to turn. Ames rolled in and was greeted by a club filled with top model robots of all makes and patents. The place was white and smooth and clean. The band playing was actually just a large boom box with a music capacity of over 10 billion songs, tonight however was just techno. Many of the robots looked at Ames with mild disgust. Just then Ames found Sedna sitting at a table on the far side of the room. She began waving him over. He approached the table and eyed the chair in front of Sedna, it was made for a bipedal. After looking at it for a millisecond Ames decided to do something and out of nervousness and threw it into the wall.

Sedna giggled, "You are quite the character. I noticed..."

Ames yelled awkwardly, interrupting her, "YOU LOOK NICE!"

"Thank you," Sedna looked at him weirdly and began her sentence, "I noticed you after my third visit to the coffee shop. You seemed like a nice enough guy and your awkwardness is just too cute."

Ames yelled again, "I REALLY LIKE YOUR DRESS!"

Sedna thought for a moment then placed her hand on his; the cold caught her off guard but she didn't pull her hand back. The cold quickly became warm after her body heat was transferred to him. His hand closed gently around hers, the gentle touch was more than what she had received in quite a while. The metal wasn't rough but almost like glass in its smoothness. The joints in between his fingers weren't sharp but a smooth sloping surface like a spoon. She started to smile, but this time it was for real.

Ames was trying to analyze what she was doing. Her hand was warm and soft, the skin was moving around almost independently of the mechanisms underneath. It felt like a real hand, the one difference was the lack of fingerprints. The little ridges that form during gestation inside the human womb were not there but it was warm just like any other. The radiant body temperature of 37.0 C was exactly the same as the average human. She was perfectly not perfect.

They both looked into each other's eyes. He saw blue eyes with flecks of yellow in the iris to simulate the look of real eyes. The retinas dilated at the sight of him. She saw the darkness of the camera like lenses that sat on the front of his boxy head. They focused in on her but she saw only the bright blackness of his eyes.

They sat there for approximately 4 hours holding hands and staring into each other's respective visual sensors when finally Sedna spoke up, "Let's go back to my place." Ames sat there and nodded. They got up and exited the club hand in hand. They began to walk down the street when Sedna saw the car coming towards them. She grabbed his head and turned it towards hers, "I'm sorry. I really like you but they said if I didn't help them they would destroy me."

Ames got worried, "What? What do you mean?"

Sedna stepped back, "I'm sorry..." She began to cry. Behind Ames a car had pulled up and a hand came out holding a tazer, it hit the back of his head and shut him down. The people on the inside pull Ames in. The man who disabled Ames looked at Sedna with utter disdain. He motioned for her to get in. She entered the car and it took off towards the Gentech building.
Sedna sat down across from the man, "Mr. Kensington I'm sorry about my hysterics but..."

Mr. Kensington cut her off, "You fell in love. It's such a shame because you do realize that he will be destroyed."

"I know." She lowered her head and a single tear fell onto her dress.

To be concluded...