Erlkonig or Turbid Isidor by Otilia Tena

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SUMMARY: Magic goings-on in a triangle formed by two teachers and a student.

Erlkonig or Turbid Isidor

What I loved best was my first day at Louisenlund.
„Watch out, baby!"
„No problem!" He lifted the book and gave a shy smile. „Wait! Can you show me the way to the teachers'room?"
„Are you new here? Where have you been all this time? If I didn't have a boo..."
„Stop it!"
„Alright, I stop, I do everything you ask!"
„I'm the new literature teacher". He cast his eyes down.
„I'm really sorry, miss! Don't mind my words! I'm Steffen and I'll take you to the teachers'room. I'd be grateful to you if you didn't tell them... my behaviour grade is already low", he said as we went out of the library. And shortly after: „You must see our art teacher, he's so cool! I bet you'll fall in love! Oh, I'm sorry..." And he introduced us to each other in a most natural way.

I grew fond of them both. I would spy on them in the library, watch them turn over the pages together, they seemed absorbed with each other.
„Miss, miss, have you noticed teacher Isidor?" cried the girls.
„Yes, of course I have. It's been quite a while since I came to Louisenlund".
„Do you like him as much as we?"
„Yes, I like him a lot". I feared that and yet couldn't avoid it.

„Yes, come in!" I rushed to blow the candles out and the room grew darker. Isidor stumbled over my things.
„What were you doing?"
„Trying to fling a thread on you". He came up to me.
„No thread will ever catch me".

The next day we were both sitting in the library during the break. Steffen opened the door and left his guitar in a corner. He came to us with a notebook.

„Look what I wrote! Is this fit for a rock song?" I drew closer to them as if someone had hypnotized me. I only saw the title „Erlkonig..." and smiled.
„We studied Goethe", I said. Isidor smiled as well.
„Yes, Steffen, that would be fit".

There was something I couldn't grasp but through a veil and it pressed on my breast. They were getting along so well, with or without me.

„I wish it were like this forever: me and both of you in the same place". They looked back at me and said nothing.
„Can I show it to Miss Ottilia?" Steffen asked. Isidor took the notebook from my hands.
„I'm afraid the class has already begun. Miss Ottilia must go now and so do I. We'll talk later, Steffen", he said. Then he just turned to me and left.

Steffen came with the poem at my desk when the class was over. I saw the entire title: „Erlkonig or turbid"- oh my... – „Erlkonig or turbid Isidor". And I read on.

„When I was little I was told
a woman waits for me with
turbid eyes like the water
in my mother's womb
and I will eat her food
she holds me in her spells and
I've known her face since I was a child
woman I hear your musty blood through the veins
I am the Erlking don't you know
who sends your sibling after the milk of wolves
you won't see him again
so make a doll and feed it and give it
his name. All of you, you stay out of my way
I didn't ask to be born
I will rise with my faery men against you
but not you, woman, not against you".

„Who is he?" I asked.

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