The dark room by Lawrence Deacon

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SUMMARY: A (very) short story, that builds suspense through confusion.

I walk into the room and reach for the light switch, a sight catches my eye. A man stands in the dark room looking boldly back at me! I freeze, not knowing to jump him with outstretched hands or turn and flee. In that quick moment of seeing him I could see he was as tall as me.
The dark hid many of his features but he was more than capable of attacking me and probably winning. His piercing black eyes are on me, I could just make out the whites of his eyes.
I was frozen in my spot, waiting for him to make a move, any move and I would be ready. In the darkness his silhouette from some kind of light behind him showed me he was a large stocky man and his arm was stretched out holding a knife? A gun? Was he using the wall to keep himself up?
After what seemed like ages, I summoned up the courage to turn on the light.
I saw myself in the mirror.