Crisis of Infinite Byrds Part 2 by Michael Byrd

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SUMMARY: Michael discovers that there is more than one way to make a Byrd.

"We were almost too late."

Michael turned around and looked at the person who just saved him. Before him was a bunch of different incarnations of himself, a robot, a floating giant head baby thing, and a woman, all strikingly similar. The woman stepped forward, "Brain that was too close, we almost lost this one."

Brain floated closer to Michael, "It was inevitable, our departure from the last universe led to a fourteen second delay. That coupled with a universal time displacement of approximately 10 minutes and because I wanted it to look cool, we arrived .00008 seconds before termination. By all means, Jessica, he's alive so keep berating me because it's not like I stopped a bullet from penetrating his skull."

Jessica looked sternly at the evil Michael, "Later Brain, Michael, this is the final universe you will be taking over!"

Evil Michael stared just as sternly back at Jessica, "You bitch! Why do you have to ruin all my plans?! Mark my words though I will return here!" He then pressed some buttons on his watch and vanished.

Jessica and the rest of them moved up to the place where he dematerialized and started scanning, "Robot can you track him?"

Robot responded, "According to my readings he's returned to his own universe. I am unable to discern his motivations for doing so."

Jessica walked about for a little bit thinking. When she reached a conclusion she looked at the group, "He's either going to redirect his fleet or he's building something like a weapon or...ugh we need to follow him, prepare the jump."

Robot responded, "The jump power cells need recharging and according to my readings there is no compatible power source in this universe."

"How long?"

"Approximately 2 hours."

"Damn. Oh, right." Jessica just then remembered that Michael was still in the room. She walked towards him and the rest followed. Michael was just standing there looking at the various versions of himself and completely dumbfounded.

Jessica put her hands on his shoulders, "Hi, my name is Jessica Byrd. These are my fellow travelers, Michael Byrd or Brain as we like to call him..."

"I am a version of you who had a slight deviation in my genetic code that allowed me to be incredibly intelligent and I also possess superior psychic abilities. These fools call me Brain."

Jessica then motioned towards Robot, "This is Michael Unit Byrd Model. Originating from the Leasburg foundry, he was made with a superior processor and then led the robot Earth to a brand new era of peace. It's just easier to call him Robot."

Robot approached Michael, "I am similar to you in many respects except I am completely inorganic, and I come with gadgets!" At that moment Robot revealed many different gadgets that protruded from all angles of his body. Michael was taken aback by all this. He then took a few steps back and looked at them all.

"Who was that though?" He asked pointing towards where the evil Michael once stood.

Jessica became solemn, "He's the evil in all of us amplified.

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