Crisis of Infinite Byrds Part 2 by Michael Byrd

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He's tried to attack each of our worlds but... failed. He's on a mission to take over all of reality and by eliminating every Michael, Jessica, and Quizblorch..."

Michael began to question this when Robot stopped him, "Yeah don't ask about Quizblorch."

Jessica continued, "He will have eliminated any resistance. So far he has defeated 215 "Michaels" but I believe we finally got him."

Michael questioned this, "But why do you think he stopped here? He said he would be back."

Jessica thought for a moment, "Take us back to your office."

A few minutes later they arrived at his office, as they exited the elevator Sara asked what had happened, "You know eventually you're going to have stop doing disater control..." her voice was lost as she looked upon several faces of Michael. The others were lost as well as they all saw a similar face sitting at that desk. Jessica was on the verge of crying.

Michael broke the silence, "Sara this is Michael, Michael, and Jessica." Sara remained silent. Michael then realized the confusion, "Alternate Universe. We need to collaborate to stop the evil version of us from ruling reality."

Sara snapped out of her daze, "Oh okay. Would you like for me to hold all calls?"

Michael ushered the others in as he looked Sara in the face and smiled, "Why? You just answer them anyway."

Sara turned back to her duties, "I do run this company so why shouldn't I?"

Michael just walked into his office and closed the door. The site before him was something to smile about. All three of them looked out the massive windows to a teeming city with flying cars and monolithic skyscrapers. They all scanned the skyline looking for familiar sights. They all seemed to have a look of annoyance at the Gentech building and all had the same reaction, "Kensington." Michael sat at his desk and waited for them to come out of it. He looked across their faces and saw a mixture of emotions. Most notably was Jessica, her eyes were overflowing with tears, she eventually broke down and fell to her knees her head in her hands. Michael left his desk and went over to her.

Brain and robot stopped him and Brain said, "We haven't been completely truthful with you Michael. The truth is we were never able to stop evil Michael. This was in fact the first time we ever stopped him from killing one. We just stopped him from destroying Earths."

Robot let go of Michael, "We were the only ones besides you to ever survive, but all of our homes were demolished in the fight. Mine was eradicated when the sun exploded."

Brain looked down at Jessica, "Mine was sucked into an artificial singularity."

Jessica breathed a sigh and sniffed hard, "I watched as my world was burned from the inside out. The first image he showed me was of Leasburg being melted as the magma rose, the final image was of my secretary Sarack, standing on the roof trying to escape the heat before he burst into flames."

Michael just looked at her in utter amazement, "You saw Sarack in Sara. Then this, all this just made it worse, why did you want to come back here?"

Jessica stood up and wiped the tears from her face, "I wanted to see it, I wanted to see home.

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