Oziin by Kumaran Sanmugathasan

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SUMMARY: Short troy of the implications of the discover of antigravity and superluminal travel.

The twin suns rose over the deserts of the planet Oziin in the Orion nebula. Here lived humans who had settled this star and other stars during the great human exodus following the discovery of free energy and antigravity plasma reactors of mehran keshe* and demonstration of the technology of antigravity in 2012. he followed this with establishing a space institute in which he trained people in all the applications of his great technology. Following this he sent astronauts to Mars in 2014 and started providing Mars trips to private citizens soon afterwards at chaeap prices. The technology which cost only a few thousand dollars to produce proliferated quickly and it became possible to travel to the stars by 2028 with lots of further research into the superluminal capabilities of the technology.

Humans first planet to be colonized was the planet Alphus in Alpha centauri. Oziin was discovered and settled soon afterwards. On this planet existed the mysterious pyramids of Bellus as they were called by Anthony Bellus who was one of the first astronauts to captain the mission to Oziin. Today 23rd July 2145 earth time Aliana an archeologist looked up into the sky of the planet as the twin suns rose and the temperature climbed. They were excavating the vruins around the pyramids of Bellus. The pyramids sometimes caused spatial and temporal anomalies which were being monitored. Suddenly one of the other archeologists Henry shouted " I have discovered something some sort of ancient square doorway made of metal. There seems to be some sort of machine like a computer with symbols in the ancient Oziins language on it. I believe it could be some sort of computer " . the Oziin people were very like modern humans from statues found in temples. One theory was that they could have been ancient explorers from earth or we could be their desendants.
The portal was further researched over time. Two days later they found the answer to the meaning of the language. A professor named Henry Mallus form the Sirius star system arrived along with a Sirian who were human like beings. Both studied the language and discovered the code that the device was a wormhole generator which humans also had the technology based on Keshe technology. They discovered the locations of the planets linked by the gate and sent exporers there some through the portal and others by superluminal ships.
The first planet was located in the Andromeda galaxy. There they found the race known as the Zii a horse like race who spoke a language which was translated to be something like Spanish. It was a beautiful planet purple blue clouds were on the planet and the planet was purple blue in colour.
Here humans found out more about the Oziin. They discovered the plate of Sallus as interpreted from the reading on the walls of a pyramid there. They discovered a link to Earth there. It seems the Oziins traveled here from Earth 100000 years ago and built the gate network spanning four galaxies. The adventure begins.

* This is a speculative short story of the history of humanity if the technology of Mr Mehran Keshe turns out to be true as he says and we have antigravity space travel by 2014 as he says to mars. Website is , , . He is going to demonstrate his technology at Elektor live here in Netherlands . Those who want to know more about this speculative technology which sounds sci fi should go there.